VEGAS Pro 15 Edit

VEGAS Pro 15 Edit Professional video & audio production

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VEGAS Pro 15

VEGAS Pro 15 Professional video & audio production and disc authoring

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VEGAS Pro 15 Suite

VEGAS Pro 15 Suite Professional video & audio editing, disc authoring & high-end plug-ins

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Video Editing

VEGAS Pro 15 once again stands out as an innovative leader when it comes to non-linear editing. The modern user interface delivers a completely customizable experience that provides the ultimate in flexibility. Designed to directly support your preferred workflow, these UI innovations enhance the fast, organic timeline-editing workflow that VEGAS Pro invented.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Automatic Crossfades

Automatic Crossfades

Fast, smooth time-line editing. Quickly overlap timeline clip events to instantly create a crossfade between them.

VEGAS Pro 15 - On-Preview-Window Controls

On-Preview-Window Controls

Control the parameters of any OFX plug-in with location controls–including the new Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-ins–directly on the Preview Window for fast, intuitive adjustments.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Instant Freeze Frame

Instant Freeze Frame

Place the cursor within a timeline clip event and create a frame-accurate freeze frame with one click.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Expanded edit mode

Expanded edit mode

The advanced editing mode makes clip event trimming even easier. Neighboring frames are visible in the timeline and can be trimmed using mouse or keyboard. With a loop section, you can also edit adjacent frames during playback.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Sync-Link


Establish a hierarchical relationship between timeline clip events during editing. Move child events independently of their parent event, or move the parent event and all of its child events come along with it to keep the family in perfect sync.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Multicamera-Editing (right)


Edit multicamera productions intuitively and efficiently with VEGAS Pro. Switch between a virtually unlimited number of video sources with a keyboard command or a click of your mouse. Easily transform a multicam track into an individual event for detailed editing.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Velocity Envelopes

Velocity Envelopes

Apply velocity envelopes from 100% reverse speed up to 1,000% (10x-speed) forward speed.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Time Stretch and Compress

Time Stretch / Compress

CTRL+drag an event edge to stretch or compress playback.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Shuffle Editing

Shuffle Editing

Quickly arrange events on the timeline in a storyboard fashion with Shuffle editing and then refine the edit.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Workflow and UI features

Workflow and UI Features

VEGAS Pro 15 - Enhanced Timeline clip events

Enhanced Timeline clip events

Timeline clip event headers provide a more organized timeline workflow and easier access to important functions.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Streamlined track headers

Streamlined track headers

Track headers enable you to show or hide buttons and controls to reduce UI clutter and put your most important tools within easy reach.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Hamburger menu system

"Hamburger" menu system

This innovative menu system enables you to customize high-traffic areas of the user interface so you can find the tools you need quickly while at the same time keeping the workspace clutter free.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Logical docking window controls

Logical docking window controls

Use modern, logical docking controls to adjust your window layout so that it perfectly fits your unique workflow. Easily save and recall layouts designed for specific production tasks.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Adjustable UI appearance

Adjustable UI appearance

Choose the background shading that works best with your studio lighting, and adjust the color strength of button icons depending upon how much you use color for identifying your tools.

Video effects and compositing

VEGAS Pro 15 - Masking tools

Masking tools

Use Bézier drawing tools to quickly and easily create rectangular and oval-shaped masks to isolate portions of your media and create interesting video composites. You can also work with powerful mask customization tools to create complex and precise masks of any shape imaginable.

VEGAS Pro 15 - ACES 1.0 support

ACES 1.0 support

Use the ACES 1.0 Academy Color Encoding System to take advantage of the modern color science and expanded color spaces of modern video cameras.

VEGAS Pro 15 - FX masking

FX masking

Add a video effect or filter like Pixelate, then apply a mask to limit the effect to a specific portion of the video to obscure logos, license plates or faces without affecting the rest of the video.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Color match

Color match

Match colors between clips in the highly versatile and powerful L*a*b* color space. Select a preset or use control elements to easily select an image for custom optimization.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Compositing modes

Compositing modes

VEGAS Pro uses a multi-layer, top-down paradigm for compositing and masking, which enables you to assign tracks as parent or child tracks. Apply compositor effects to create stylized lighting and textured looks. An impressive array of compositing modes provides comprehensive options for visual design. The 3D Source Alpha mode enables you to move and rotate tracks in 3D space and use them in a stereoscopic 3D project.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Auto White Balance

Auto White Balance

Automatically achieve the perfect white balance.

VEGAS Pro 15 - LUT (Look Up Table) Support

LUT (Look Up Table) Support

The LUT OFX plug-in enables you to apply both camera and stylistic LUTs to easily and quickly apply the exact look you're after for your video footage.

Create projects in 3D as easily as in 2D

VEGAS Pro 15 - Stereoscopic 3D adjustments

Stereoscopic 3D adjustments

Use the powerful Stereoscopic 3D Adjust filter to correct camera misalignments and adjust the screen depth of the target object to place it exactly where you want it in the 3D field. Utilize the stereoscopic editing tools to easily correct stereoscopic 3D screen edge violations. You can also shift the horizontal offset in some 2D effects and transitions in order to adjust the perceived depth of the effect.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Powerful monitoring solutions

Powerful monitoring solutions

Optimized editing options for 3D videos include the possibility to monitor and make adjustments in 3D. VEGAS Pro provides an extensive selection of viewing options. These include channel specific, top/bottom, side-by-side, blended, or anaglyphic display. Use an SDI or HDMI connection to deliver a high-end preview experience on a 3D display.

VEGAS Pro 15 - True stereoscopic 3D camera for 3D track motion compositing

True stereoscopic 3D camera for 3D track motion compositing

Create 3D motion effects with precise control over Z depth, plane intersection, compositing, and more. The Parent Motion feature allows you to move and rotate multiple tracks in 3D space as a unit. Adjust movement in real time with instant previewing.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Integrated 3D adjustments

Integrated 3D adjustments

Utilize the integrated tools for basic 3D adjustments to enhance your project and ensure professional 3D results. Typical corrections include horizontal and vertical offsets, zoom discrepancies, keystone, and rotation.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Add depth to 2D elements

Add depth to 2D elements

Use horizontal offset adjustment tools to give 2D elements such as background, title, and graphical elements depth in the 3D output. Intermix 2D elements with 3D content with the traditional VEGAS Pro track compositing methods.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Auto correct footage

Auto correct footage

Correct deviations in the camera settings for your 3D video material in VEGAS Pro.

Media management and performance

VEGAS Pro 15 - Flexible project interchange

Flexible project interchange

VEGAS Pro supports import and export of external project files. Transfer between and convert system-compatible and external file formats. Finalize projects in VEGAS Pro that were started in Avid, Final Cut, DaVinci, or Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Intelligent arrangement

Intelligent arrangement

For a better overview, use tags to categorize media within your project. VEGAS Pro automatically organizes each tagged clip into appropriately named Media Bins. Quick Search enables you to filter media instantly and modify tags at any time. The folders are intelligent and will update automatically.

VEGAS Pro 15 - 4K support

4K support

VEGAS Pro 15 supports media in up to 4K resolution. Working in high resolution offers more details and flexibility, which makes it ideal for compositing and video effect work. VEGAS Pro natively supports XAVC, XAVC S, HEVC, AVC, and ProRes files as well as RED ONE® and RED EPIC® files.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration

Take advantage of modern NVIDIA card hardware acceleration and Intel's emerging QSV (Quick Sync Video) technologies to enhance real-time performance and shorten rendering times for certain formats.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Optimized workflow

Optimized workflow

Frequently used tools are organized in a convenient pop-up menu directly below the timeline to provide fast access for a more efficient editing workflow.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Easy capturing

Easy capturing

Use the versatile Device Explorer to drag media from almost any device into the Project Media window, the timeline, or the Trimmer window.

Multi-format native editing

VEGAS Pro 15 - HEVC/ProRes/XAVC Support

HEVC/ProRes/XAVC Support

Natively edit formats such as HEVC, ProRes, XAVC, and XAVC S in HD, 2K and 4K without additional add-ons or plug-ins.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Capture to MXF from SD/HD-SDI devices

Capture to MXF from SD/HD-SDI devices

Record old formats effortlessly in VEGAS Pro and convert to XDCAM standard for editing or archiving.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Support for RAW photo files

Support for RAW photo files

Use RAW photo files in your VEGAS Pro projects and natively edit them in the timeline.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Streaming support for AVC/MP4 encoder

Streaming support for AVC/MP4 encoder

Render AVC/MP4 files with streaming compatibility.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Smart Proxy workflow

Smart Proxy workflow

Create Smart Proxy clips in VEGAS Pro and enjoy faster playback of high-resolution video footage. Depending on playback settings, media will automatically and dynamically switch to proxy. The original date is maintained for the final post-rendering version. You can also set a preference to automatically create proxy files when you add Ultra HD media to your project.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Proxy-first workflow

Proxy-first workflow

Use the Wireless Adapter to send proxies to the cloud. Proxies can be downloaded and edited while the high-resolution files are in transit.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Project archiving

Project archiving

Organize your completed project along with its associated media with the flexible Archive feature. You can also archive all media associated with a project or only the media used on the timeline, including nested projects.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Comprehensive S-Log workflow

Comprehensive S-Log workflow

VEGAS Pro supports S-Log and other advanced color space technology so you can take advantage of the wide color spaces of the most modern video cameras from all manufacturers.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Audio editing

Audio editing

VEGAS Pro 15 - Complete multitrack audio environment

Complete multitrack audio environment

VEGAS Pro includes powerful audio recording and editing tools for the most demanding productions. Record audio in a multitrack environment with input buses, professional metering, punch-in recording, unlimited tracks, and more. Automate your audio mixes with real-time envelope automation recording, join audio recordings with a variety of automatic crossfade types, and create mixes with assignable effects. No other NLE provides a digital audio workstation feature set as robust as the tools in VEGAS Pro.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Surround sound encoding and decoding

Surround sound encoding and decoding

Create 5.1 surround mixes directly within VEGAS Pro. Use the panner to automate tracks and buses and produce breathtaking soundtracks for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. Apply surround effects to track level or directly to the sum. This way you can exercise full control over your mix. To finish, export your project for encoding into Surround format. In addition, VEGAS DVD Architect software imports AC-3 files for multichannel 5.1 DVD and Blu-ray Disc creation.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Extensive audio effects

Extensive audio effects

VEGAS Pro supports standard VST interfaces. Apply effects to individual objects, events on a track, and buses. Choose from more than 30 included signal and effects processing tools and automate effects with envelope control in real time. Wave Hammer Compression, EQ, and noise gate as well as reverb, chorus, and delay are all included. Surround effects for the master bus include EQ, dither, and Wave Hammer Surround compression tools.

VEGAS Pro 15 - High-resolution audio support

High-resolution audio support

VEGAS Pro supports 24-bit/192 kHz for the ultimate in sonic fidelity. In addition, the ability to edit at the sample level enables you to execute ultra-precise adjustments to audio, remove random pops and clicks, or re-establish sync.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Broadcast Wave format support

Broadcast Wave format support

VEGAS Pro supports BWF for easy exchange between audio editors and broadcasting platforms.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Audio event FX

Audio event FX

VEGAS Pro allows editors to incorporate audio effects at the event level, track level, bus level, and master output stage for maximum flexibility in multitrack projects.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Input buses

Input buses

Record, monitor, and mix audio from external devices via input buses to take advantage of your hardware compressors, reverb units, echo boxes, and other outboard equipment. Use the real-time rendering option to mix audio from external audio devices into your final render.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Loudness meters

Loudness meters

Optimize your mixes to maximize audio dynamic range. Create compliant renders for any signal path. This helps you achieve the perfect auditory experience for viewers.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Multithreaded audio engine

Multithreaded audio engine

VEGAS Pro takes advantage of multicore and hyper-threading computer systems to maximize available hardware resources. By leveraging the full capabilities of the hardware and reducing direct CPU load, you will notice:

  • more tracks and audio/video effects available for real-time preview
  • improved performance at lower latencies
  • shorter audio render times
VEGAS Pro 15 - Envelope automation recording

Envelope automation recording

Record track envelope and keyframe parameters in real time with a mouse or external control surface hardware. Choose between touch and latch record modes and utilize automatic post-record keyframe thinning. Automation parameter control is available for both stereo and surround tracks and buses, as well as for video tracks.


VEGAS Pro 15 - OpenFX architecture

OpenFX architecture

VEGAS Pro supports the OpenFX standard. Work with high performance plug-ins from many manufacturers to add filters and effects directly within the program.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Robust video plug-in architecture

Robust video plug-in architecture

The Open Effects Association platform is a contemporary technology that provides video effect plug-ins from third-party developers. The resulting steady stream of innovative plug-ins gives VEGAS Pro users a wide range of special effects and fresh techniques for creating cutting-edge productions.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in

Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in

Real-time controls on the Video Preview window enable you to achieve precise placement, sizing, and movement of the picture overlay, and see the results immediately. Quickly create inset images for a picture-in-picture composite or zoom way into your video and then pan across it to show different areas.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Crop OFX Plug-in

Crop OFX Plug-in

Get instant real-time feedback as you crop still photos or video frames with controls directly on the Video Preview window.

VEGAS Pro 15 - LUT OFX plug-in

LUT OFX plug-in

Apply a camera or special-effect LUT to your media file, a single event, a track, or the entire project to achieve special color-grading effects and custom looks.

Included in VEGAS Pro 15 or higher

VEGAS Pro 15 - NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate

NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate

A collection of video enhancement filters and effects including:

  • ColorFast 2
  • Recreate
  • Recolor
  • Refocus
VEGAS Pro 15 - HitFilm Movie Essentials

HitFilm Movie Essentials

A collection of plug-ins for video repair and enhancement. Create a cinematic appearance, fix grainy video, or generate special effects.

DVD and Blu-ray disc authoring

Finalize your projects. Produce professional multimedia discs with VEGAS DVD Architect disc authoring and burning.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Professional DVD layout and design

Professional DVD layout and design

Use the included high-quality templates, backgrounds, animated menus, buttons, and effects to quickly create a DVD or Blu-ray menu system. Or, import your own custom files to give your project the exact look you want.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Easy DVD preview

Easy DVD preview

The Preview window enables you to preview your project on a simulated television screen with a virtual remote control.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Animated Titles

Animated Titles

Keyframes provide the control to animate titles across the screen.

VEGAS Pro 15 - 36 HD menu templates

36 HD menu templates

To start projects quickly, use one of the available high-definition menu templates.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Buttons on video

Buttons on video

Easily position hotspot buttons, duration, and links to help your viewer navigate your project.

VEGAS Pro 15 - DVD scripting

DVD scripting

Support for scripts in DVD layout.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Comprehensive audio and video support

Comprehensive audio and video support

VEGAS DVD Architect supports all standard video and audio formats. Create DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Keyframes and transformation

Keyframes and transformation

Add keyframes to the timeline to animate buttons and graphics.

VEGAS Pro 15 - Create chapter markers and subtitles in VEGAS DVD Architect

Create chapter markers and subtitles in VEGAS DVD Architect

Import chapter points as VEGAS Pro Edit markers for quick scene creation. Import text files and display them as frame-accurate subtitles.

Included in VEGAS Pro 15 Suite

VEGAS Pro 15 - Boris FX Sapphire Render Unit

Boris FX Sapphire Render Unit

Give your projects an extra special punch with stunning textures, gradients, cloud, sky, and lighting effects from one of the industry's premiere developers of plug-in tools.

VEGAS Pro 15 - NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5

NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5

Create elegant titles or dynamic 3D motion graphics in seconds with over 200 built-in templates.

VEGAS Pro 15 Edit

VEGAS Pro 15 Edit Professional video & audio production

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VEGAS Pro 15

VEGAS Pro 15 Professional video & audio production and disc authoring

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VEGAS Pro 15 Suite

VEGAS Pro 15 Suite Professional video & audio editing, disc authoring & high-end plug-ins

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Available, Download (shipping free)