Comprehensive toolset. Easy to handle.

Starting movie making with VEGAS Movie Studio is simple and intuitive. Simple tools guide you while you're still learning, and when your ready for the next step, VEGAS Movie Studio helps you to take it.


Motion tracking

Track objects in your videos with true motion tracking! No more manual keyframing of your masks – isolate, follow, and apply video effects to moving objects in any scene with keyframes generated automatically in seconds.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

One-click video stabilization

The video stabilization engine in VEGAS Movie Studio quickly stabilizes wobbly footage and gives you smooth, professional video with just a click. Easy and powerful – salvage footage you thought was unusable.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Screen capture

Screen capture

Record multiple computer screens, audio sources, and webcams. Pick your screen, video and audio sources, record the action, and export them directly into a new project. Perfect for gamers, video instructors, and YouTubers.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Mask around objects – Bézier masking

Work right in the Preview window to quickly add and customize masks of any shape in an easy interface. Follow objects with powerful motion tracking, and pin other objects or text to move right along with them.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Clear, mode-based workflows

Move between specialized user interfaces to import files, add graphics, apply effects, add transitions, and finish your movie. Or switch to Power User mode for complete access to all of your tools.

Black Bar Fill Filter Black Bar Fill Filter

Black Bar Fill Filter

Instantly fill your video's black bars with a blurred copy of the video itself. Control the amount of blur, the zoom level of the blurred image, and the amount of shadow around the main image for full creative control.

Guided Video Creator

Create your videos while VEGAS Movie Studio 17 guides you from start to finish. Arrange your clips, add music and a title, then finish and deliver, all in a guided workflow. Or, take full control in your timeline whenever you're ready.

Interactive storyboard editing

Assemble your videos quickly and intuitively with a storyboard. Lay out, trim, and rearrange your clips in the storyboard. Then watch as the additions and changes you make are updated on the Main Timeline automatically. A great way for rough cutting and fast video sequencing.

Hover scrub

Scrub through your video thumbnails right down to exact frames, and find the important parts of your video before you add it to the project. Simply move the cursor over the thumbnail to find any frame.

Professional picture-in-picture scenes

With real-time controls directly on the Video Preview window, you can easily create picture-in-picture effects. Move the inset picture where you want it and resize it. Done.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Close gaps between events

In order to clean up your project, you can quickly and easily close any gaps between events on a single track or all tracks in a project. It's a super-fast way to make sure you don't have any black frames between the clips in your video.

Support for 4K media

Import, edit, and deliver in Standard Definition, High Definition, or beautiful Ultra High Definition. VEGAS Movie Studio enables you to edit the files natively. No re-rendering or re-wrapping.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Multicam production

Switch between four different camera angles with a click of your mouse to create multicam productions. Watch all the angles in real time and just click the one you want in the Preview window to change to that shot.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Add missing stream

A simple way to instantly add back audio or video of a clip to the timeline. No need to hunt for the clip: add it manually, and trim to fit – VEGAS Movie Studio does it all for you with a click.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio provides powerful audio editing and mastering. Create your own soundtracks and add sound effects, remove background noise and master your audio for a pristine listening experience. Everything within a seamless round-trip session right from an event in the Movie Studio timeline.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Color Grading

Correct or enhance your colors Correct or enhance your colors

Correct or enhance your colors

VEGAS Movie Studio now provides a more efficient and logical color grading workflow. Adjust colors, saturation, and gain to take complete control over your video's shadows, mid tones, and highlights. The Secondary Color Corrector lets you zero in on and tweak one particular color while you leave other colors unchanged.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Color Match

With the powerful Color Match filter you can easily and instantly match the colors of your video clips to other video clips and media. This helps you to create a cohesive video story.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Improved white balance

The powerful White Balance plug-in helps you save footage from improper white balance with easy one-touch functionality. Or, get more creative and subtly adjust balance for dramatic effects.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Special effects

Optical-Flow Slow Motion

No more need for a third-party tool in order to achieve stunningly smooth slow motion. Our own optical-flow technology creates new intermediary frames to achieve the smoothest slow motion possible. Just apply the effect and choose your slo-mo speed.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Warp Flow Transition

Morph one clip into the next and give your videos a wild sci-fi look. Create truly unique sequences where one clip seems to melt into another for surprising results. When you need more than a simple wipe or reveal, the Warp Flow transition is what you are looking for.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

FXhome Ignite Advanced VFX Pack Gunfire pack, Beautify, VFX: Damage, VFX: Retro, Color: Starter

Enhance your movies with effects and filters that look like they were made for a Hollywood blockbuster. With 16 of FXhome most stunning effects, you will give your videos a unique, pro-level look. For example, add shadows and highlights to create the perfect mood for the scene.

Exclusively in Suite

Modern kinetic type presets

Use these modern presets as they are and simply change the text to deliver your message. Or, to express your unique flair, use them as a starting point and then customize them. Get as creative as you want with the perfect titling sequences.

30 unique fonts

The font choices you make for your video help set the tone and atmosphere of your movie. Whether you want to create a high-class look, set a spooky horror vibe, establish a high-energy action feel, or evoke tons of other emotions, the fonts you choose play a critical role. These fonts help you set the mood and tell your story.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Final Delivery

Fast rendering

VEGAS Movie Studio provides more hardware-accelerated power than software products that cost far more – except VEGAS Pro of course. You don't need to settle for poor performance. VEGAS Movie Studio gives lightning-fast project rendering for the most important video delivery formats and supports all common graphics cards.

Format support and render templates

VEGAS Movie Studio supports common formats for editing and previewing even 4K videos. Additionally, the selection of fully customizable render templates gives you complete flexibility. Even if you need an unusual video frame size.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Direct upload to social media

Send your project directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo with handy upload wizards that do nearly all of the work for you. It's never been easier to upload your movies to social media and share them with the world.


Catalyst Browse by SONY

Catalyst Browse by SONY

Catalyst Browse is the perfect media assistant: View your footage and edit media metadata. Set in and out points to easily create rough cuts. Or do simple color grading to apply color correction and color looks.

Powerful effects and transitions management Powerful effects and transitions management

Powerful effects and transitions management

VEGAS Movie Studio provides an efficient and powerful way to manage your plug-ins. Sort by category or search by keywords. Mark your favorites to find them instantly, and filter by third-party plug-ins.

Lens correction plug-in

No more oddly curved horizons or building edges. VEGAS Movie Studio instantly applies the perfect lens distortion correction to the footage from your camera's footage. You can even tweak the parameters for more fine control or special effects.

Exclusively in Platinum | Suite

Trim handles on event edges

Large trim handles on every event make it easy to see and grab the event edges for fast, accurate trimming. You'll never need to guess which edge you are trimming when two events are touching one another on the timeline.

Storyboard improvements

Add the same clip to your storyboard as many times as you need to in order to tell your story. Each storyboard entry has a unique thumbnail, so even when you use different sections of the same clip, it's easy to identify in the storyboard.

Smoother video preview

VEGAS Movie Studio leverages the same technology as VEGAS Pro to utilize your computer's graphics card GPU for smoother previews. VEGAS Movie Studio becomes only the second video editing software (after VEGAS Pro) to support AMD decode acceleration.

Project location memory

If you close the application and open your project again, you'll be taken directly back to where in your timeline you left off. Don't waste time at the beginning of every editing session trying to remember where you were and what your were doing.

Different demands. Different versions.

VEGAS Movie Studio

Highlights of VEGAS Movie Studio:

  • Specialized video editing modes for any level of experience
  • Customizable user interface
  • Full GPU acceleration for faster rendering and smoother video preview
  • Unique, interactive storyboard editing
  • Included for free: MAGIX Music Maker – create your own soundtracks
  • Includes Catalyst Browse powered by Sony*

*After purchasing VEGAS Movie Studio you will receive a link to download Sony Catalyst Browse.

VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum

Everything in VEGAS Movie Studio, plus:

  • Precise motion tracking
  • Draw flexible Bézier masks and apply effects on them
  • Built-in Slow Motion FX plug-in
  • One-touch video stabilization
  • Includes SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14: The complete audio editing solution
  • Lens Correction plug-in
  • Screen capture from monitors, webcams, and audio devices
  • Support for 4K and common video formats

VEGAS Movie Studio Suite

Everything in VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum, plus FXhome Ignite Advanced VFX Pack which includes:

  • Edit: Beautify – for the perfect skin
  • VFX: Damage – create a long-lost video look
  • VFX: Retro – the sci-fi look for your movies
  • Color: Starter – find the perfect mood for every scene
  • 3D: gunfire pack – add ultimate action to your movies

VEGAS Movie Studio 17
VEGAS Movie Studio 17
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Fast, easy movie making VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Fast, easy movie making
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VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum
Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum For advanced video editing Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum For advanced video editing VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum For advanced video editing
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VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite
Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite The complete package for video editing Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite The complete package for video editing VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite The complete package for video editing
A$108.00 Regularly A$159.00
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  • ✔ NEW! NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Express (A$159 value)