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VEGAS Movie Studio 14
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Fast, easy movie making
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum For powerful video editing
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite The complete package for video editing

VEGAS Movie Studio – Create. Simply.

With VEGAS® Movie Studio, the most efficient movie editor yet, you can easily organize, edit, and enhance all of your photos and videos with amazing special effects, spectacular titles and custom music. With a new, modern user interface, version 14 of VEGAS® Movie Studio features powerful multicam editing tools, optimized hover scrub technology, efficient RAM preview, high resolution (including 4K) and all the effects you need to tell the perfect story. And use the included SmartSound® Sonicfire Pro® 6, NewBlueFX video effects and the Hitfilm Toolkit Pack to take your videos to the next level.

VEGAS® Movie Studio 14 is your creative partner for easy video editing with maximum fun!

New features at a glance:

VEGAS Movie Studio

  • New user interface
  • Social media upload
  • Vignette effect
  • 4K monitor support
  • Music Maker

VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum (in addition to Movie Studio)

  • Multicam production
  • Trimmer window hover scrub
  • Improved RAM Preview
  • NewBlueFX Platinum Complete

VEGAS Movie Studio Suite (in addition to Platinum)

  • SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro 6
  • NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express
  • NewBlueFX Suite Complete
  • HitFilm Toolkit Pack

Video editing highlights in
VEGAS Movie Studio 14

Free upgrade in August 2017

Automatically line up video from a multicamera shoot

New for the August 2017 free update! Easily line up files from a multicamera shoot for cutting between clips. Audio Sync technology automatically synchronizes the different camera angles so you can easily cut between them with the multicamera editing tools. The Audio Sync feature takes the guesswork out of synchronizing files, so you can get on with editing.

Automatically line up video from a multicamera shoot

A fun place to create

A fresh new look enhances the movie editing experience and makes it easy to get up and running right away. The modern user interface puts all the tools you need right at your fingertips. It's never been easier to gather and organize your media, craft your story, enhance those special moments and share it all with family and friends. Version 14 builds upon the drag-and-drop editing style VEGAS® Movie Studio is famous for. Impressive new features and improvements streamline the editing process and make this powerful movie editor easier to use than ever before. Just pick the media, place it into your timeline, and play your masterpiece!

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - a fun place to create
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - Get social with your video

Get social with your video

Once you’ve finished your video it’s easy to share it with friends and family through social media. Use the simple wizard to upload your movie to Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo. In fact, why not upload to all three? VEGAS® Movie Studio automatically delivers your video in the best format for the destination you choose. Go ahead; share your masterpiece with the world!

Enhance the mood

The new Vignette effect adds a timeless, classic look to your video. Create a border with a soft fade into the background that adds a touch of romance and mystery. The perfect effect for a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or holiday moment.

Support for new 4K monitors

VEGAS® Movie Studio looks great on any screen. Whether you’re working on an HD or new Hi DPI monitor, version 14 automatically adjusts to your screen resolution. So, go ahead and work on your older HD monitor, or take advantage of all the beautiful resolution your new 4K monitor has to offer. Either way, VEGAS® Movie Studio is video editing software that was designed to work seamlessly with you.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - support for new 4K monitors

Music Maker

Make your own customized soundtracks and music the easy way with Music Maker. Combine premade sounds, loops or vocals to create your own sound. This music software for beginners is packed full of great ideas for your music productions. It includes a multitude of helpful tools that not only make it easier to create new music, but also find new inspiration.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - MAGIX Music Maker

Included in VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum and higher

Multicam Production

You call the shots! Combine up to four cameras into a single timeline clip event. Switch between four different camera angles with a click of your mouse to create a compelling multicam production. The video preview window shows all four camera streams at the same time. You decide which angle to show and when to show it. Switch between the four angles in real time as you watch your movie. Then, make fine adjustments, or switch to a different shot at any time to perfect your finished product.

Trimmer window hover scrub

Scrub across the Trimmer window with your mouse to quickly find the perfect frame in your video clip. The video preview adjusts to how fast or slow you scrub so you can easily search through the video and find the perfect place to start and end the clip and select the portion of the media between them. Then, just click and drag the best part of the clip to the timeline for frame-accurate placement and smooth, easy video editing.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - Improved RAM Preview

Improved RAM Preview

Quickly preview a complicated edit or video special effect at full frame rate with Dynamic RAM preview. VEGAS® Movie Studio automatically detects how much RAM your computer has and adjusts how the RAM is used during regular playback or during a RAM preview. This gives a great playback experience in either mode.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - A creative way to move from scene to scene

A creative way to move from scene to scene

Move from one scene to the next with a bounce, a shake or a shift in color. These are just a few examples of what makes the included transitions from NewBlueFX so much fun. Get creative results fast with the built-in presets or tweak any or all of the parameters to create your own new twist on these award-winning video transitions.

(Available only in VEGAS® Movie Studio 14 Platinum)

Included in VEGAS Movie Studio Suite

Custom music, a perfect fit for your video

Sonicfire® Pro 6 from SmartSound® is the fastest way to automatically create a customized music track that fits perfectly with your video. Whether it's happy, sad, suspenseful, intense or calm, bring emotion to your video and set the perfect mood with completely royalty-free music.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - Custom music

Hi-resolution 2D and 3D titles with NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express

Introduce your story with dazzling 2D or even 3D titles. Built-in templates get you up and running quickly with professional-level results. Design your own custom titles to save as a template for use in your next project. Eye-catching titles from NewBlueFX set your videos apart from the crowd.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express

New video effects from NewBlueFX

NewBlueFX is famous for providing fantastic tools to enhance video. A little spice always makes things better and these effects are just what you’re looking for. Create a layered look with the Drop Shadow effect. To multiply the action, create several versions of the same scene with the Tile effect. Creativity and fun; that’s what the filters found in NewBlueFX Suite Complete are all about.

HitFilm Toolkit Pack

This collection of 20 amazing video filters and effects takes VEGAS® Movie Studio to the next level of video editing software. A proven creative powerhouse in the world of video production tools, HitFilm delivers an amazing set of effects and filters to help you wow your audience. Animated lasers, complex color gradients, intense light rays, convincing lightning strikes, blurs, tints, and more; all just a few clicks away. Get started. Get creative!

VEGAS Movie Studio 14
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Fast, easy movie making
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum For powerful video editing
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite The complete package for video editing