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Well-reputed recording artists, audio engineers and producers all over the world know the answer on how an audio production business can thrive. Get to know the reasons our partners, which include Europe's most prominent broadcasters, rely on Sequoia.

John Greenham Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

"What I liked about Sequoia when I first started using it, is that I was able to use it without looking at the manual. Mastering is the last stop for music. So, any small advantage that you can find, you should use it. I just feel that - for whatever reason - it sounds better. That is why I use it."

Four Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Best Engineered Album | Billie EIlish

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Heba Kadry Mixing and Mastering Engineer

"Sequoia really changed the way I master, specifically the object editor. With it I can create up to 4 snapshots and each one has a chain of plug-ins that you can add. And very quickly, I can recall these snapshots and slice the track into regions and pop them in. I like having a precise approach to the way I master. I like being be able to go in and resolve the problem. The object editor really let's me go very fast, zone in on problems and fix them nearly instantaneously. It's like a swiss knife. It's pretty incredible!"

Björk, RAC (Tearing Me Up Remix, Grammy winning), Alex G, Jackie OST (Mica Levi), Neon Indian

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George Seara Mixing and Recording Engineer

"Where Sequoia finds it’s place most, is at critical stages, such as mix down for instance. I also use it for any critical editing, object based processing, audio restoration and in rare instances, for time / tempo adjustment (while maintaining pitch) adjustments. I also use it to deliver any needed parts (i.e. DDP etc).

Sequoia maintains 100% sound neutrality and fidelity throughout it’s processing and it includes a vast array of professional plug-ins, extensive metering and loudness measurement tools, excellent restoration tools, including 'Spectral Cleaning' and ‘Denoising', and a realtime AAC, MP3 preview plug-in. Simply put, Sequoia is the gold standard for high-definition audio production."

Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Drake, Herbie Hancock, Sting | Thriller 25th Anniversary Album | Fast And The Furious 7 (OST)

Steven Epstein Grammy rewarded Producer, Recording/Mixing & Mastering Engineer

"Several years ago when I became an independent producer/engineer having retired from Sony Masterworks, I needed to acquire a full featured DAW that was state of the art as regards neutrality and accuracy of sound as well as a program that enabled me to record, edit, mix, and master my productions in a user friendly and efficient way. I had heard that Sequioa fulfilled all of those requirements from top engineers. They were right! Over the years, I have made recordings (both as producer and engineer) for many labels which have been quite successful. I really do love this program!"

5 Grammies and 2 Latin Grammies | Yo-Yo Ma, Chic Corea, James Taylor, Bobby McFerrin, Wynton Marsalis, Isaac Stern, Lorin Maazel

The high-end audio solution for production, broadcast and mastering

From the recording room to the mastering desk. Engineers worldwide rely on its stability, seamless processing and innovative editing features every day. Business partners rely on its scalable, flexible network and hardware integration anytime.

The engineers' choice for audio mastering and creation

Across recording studios and mastering desks, this software is relied upon every day for its robust stability, seamless processing, and innovative editing features. Dive into the Sequoia world now.

Jonathan Wyner

Jonathan Wyner Mastering Engineer and Director of Education at iZotope

"Sequoia is the most comprehensive and complete workstation, period. It excels as it fulfills all of my needs as a mastering engineer. The 4 point editing, object oriented processing and comprehensive delivery to DDP and codec preview, help me work efficiently all in one ecosystem. Now even more so with the addition of simultaneous multi format export!

With 64-Bit support and multi core addressing, Sequoia runs incredibly smoothly too and is very stable. I’m enjoying exploring the batch processor and other enhancements in version 15."

David Bowie, Nirvana, Aerosmith, James Taylor | Director of Education at iZotope

Antony King

Antony King Live Audio Engineer

"I love Sequoia for many many reasons, but the number 1 reason: It's never crashed. In the ten years that I've been using Sequoia, it has never gone wrong. You don't need a backup. It's that reliable! We recorded 114 channels every night during the Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour and it never crashed.

It also talks to every interface with no channel limit, something a lot of other DAWs don’t do. You can put any card in the back. It does everything you need. Sequoia really is the quintessential production package for live and in-studio recording."

Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Simply Red

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Mitch Malloy

Mitch Malloy Producer, Engineer, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Rock Star

"In 2000 I changed my entire studio to a PC-based system with Nuendo 1. I was an endorser for them. After struggling for almost two years on that software and hating the sound, it was suggested to me to try Samplitude. I did and I was elated at the upgrade with its ease and workability of the layout. I’ve been with MAGIX ever since and although I’ve tried every app on Mac and PC, I feel nothing can replace what Samplitude and Sequoia do for me. They are all I use and all I need. I can't go back. Plain and simple."

Taylor Swift, Van Halen, Great White, Boys Like Girls, Kenny Logins

Olivier Glissant

Olivier Glissant Composer, Producer and Conductor

"One thing that impresses me about Sequoia is the "complete" character of its design. The software does not specialize; whatever domain you use it for (production, broadcasting, mastering, film scoring) in whatever style of music, you seem to find the same quality, complexity and depth, and features that you probably never even thought about looking for in any program, before stumbling across them in Sequoia."

Philip Glass, Norah Jones, Bill Frisel | Brooklyn Orchestra

Oleksa Lozowchuk

Oleksa Lozowchuk Music Director, Composer and Producer

"I’ve been using Samplitude and Sequoia for almost 20 years now, and I can’t imagine working without them. They allow me to achieve flow more quickly than any other DAW. I really couldn’t function at this level without Comparisonics viewing, object based editing, and its in-line spectral editing and solid cross-fade workflow. It helps me bring my ideas to life."

Damian Taylor (The Prodigy, Evanescence, Björk) | Dead Rising 2, 3 & 4 (Capcom Vancouver) | Former Music Director of Capcom Vancouver | Music for Apple, Disney, Microsoft, McDonald's

Bruce Somers

Bruce Somers Producer, Songwriter, Sound & Mastering Engineer

"The program is by far the most efficient DAW out there on the market. I have never had it stop running even when I had it loaded it up with a ton of plugins. The mastering workflow is considered the gold standard by most mastering engineers which is why I started using it years ago. Today, I master other artists as well and I am always amazed how much better, faster and more efficient Sequoia is than my old mastering platforms. Having a super stable DAW platform like Sequoia makes that possible. Thank you MAGIX."

Founding member of the Kidneythieves | Marilyn Manson, Pussycat Dolls, Good Charlotte

Terence Goodchild

Terence Goodchild Live Audio Engineer

"Sequoia not only gives me a digital first aid kit to solve any problem. It provides a modular toolbox with precise instruments, a rock-solid audio engine and great support, to adapt to nearly any task and situation I can think of. Modern productions require an engineer to handle complex audio scenarios under time constraints often with high responsibility and Sequoia helps me concentrate on my work."

Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Johann Johannson, Lambert, Kiasmos, Helen Grimaud, Deutsche Grammophon

Marco Lecci

Marco Lecci Recording/Mixing and Mastering Engineer

"The ratio between software and its musicality is very well balanced! Very musical and human. Realizing the sound I have in my mind can be actualised very easy and fast! Any operations are well displayed on screen and everything appears clear and easily understandable. All the MAGIX plugins are light and powerfull! Sequoia's sound is great, transparent and super defined."

Paola Turci, Plácido Domingo, Luca Barbarossa

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