Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum
Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum For advanced video editing
Save R1,075
R699.00 Regularly R1,774.00
Valid until September 24, 2019
  • R300 upgrade discount
  • Included as part of this offer:
  • HitFilm Superhero Pack (R775 value)
Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Suite
Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Suite The complete package for video editing
Save R1,515
R1,259.00 Regularly R2,774.00
Valid until September 24, 2019
  • R740 discount
  • Included as part of this offer:
  • HitFilm Superhero Pack (R775 value)

VEGAS Movie Studio Online Tutorials

Guided Video Creator

The following tutorial explains how you can create your videos in five steps. From beginning where you choose your media, to the very end where you upload your video.

Optional mode-based workflows

This tutorial video shows how to edit your videos and add titles, transitions, effects, and more with the new mode-based workflows.

Motion tracking

This video tutorial focuses on the new built-in motion tracking and shows how you define and track object or areas. Also learn how you add effects to those objects.

Video stabilization

In this video, learn how to apply the video stabilization in VEGAS Movie Studio 16 to rescue shaky footage.

Flexible Bézier masking

The following video provides detailed instructions on how to create different masks and apply effects to the masked area.

Complete 360° editing workflow

Learn how to assemble ("stitch") your 360° videos and images from your dual fisheye camera together, edit them, add effects, and deliver your finished product.

Interactive storyboard editing

This tutorial shows how to use the exciting interactive storyboard tools to quickly assemble rough cuts and experiment with your video's sequencing.


This introductory video shows you the basic functions in VEGAS Movie Studio including how to create a new project, import videos and other media, where you can create and edit your movie project.

Split Screens

You can use the Crop plug-in to quickly create split-screen sequences in VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum. In a split-screen sequence, one video plays in one part of the screen while a different video plays in another part of the screen.

Import media

Find out just how easy it is to open your material in VEGAS Movie Studio. Here you'll see the best way to import videos and other media, place them on the timeline and organize your project.

Combine and edit media

Discover the intuitive drag-and-drop workflow and custom editing for individual video and audio tracks with this tutorial. You'll also get an introduction to the toolbar with use scenarios for tools and video effects.

Titles and text

Learn how to use titles and text in your productions with this video. Use text templates as well as animated title templates and optimize your texts in the title generator.


Get an overview of the huge range of options for creating and customizing clip transitions.

Video effects

Using effects, you can improve the appearance of your videos and movies or add precisely what's been missing. This tutorial shows you different options and how to use them.

Picture-in-picture sequences

This tutorial explains positioning and the comprehensive tracking functions of the picture-in-picture effect tool, which lets you insert one video into another.

Multicamera mode

VEGAS Movie Studio has a multicamera mode for editing multiple cameras filming the same scene. In this tutorial you'll find out more about the preview monitor function, how to ensure track synchronization and get the perfect result.


Find out how to upload your finished project to social media platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

File export

Learn all about exporting to disc and hard drive and how to select the right format for media.