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One Suite, One Workflow All-In-One Professional Video Production Platform

Get to know an extremely powerful, complete choice for video and audio post production. With four incredible programs which all work together in a seamless workflow, achieve astonishing, world-class video and audio results.

VEGAS Pro Post combines the industry-leading video and audio editing tools of VEGAS Pro with the visual FX and compositing tools in VEGAS Effects, the image processing prowess of VEGAS Image and SOUND FORGE for a professional video sound editing and mastering in an affordable package. VEGAS Pro Post provides a true alternative for professional video editors and artists. Check it out!

Why VEGAS Pro Post?

  • Designed for top-end users looking for powerful, integrated video and audio post-production
  • It sets a new standard for professional-level post production and finishing for feature films, television shows, and commercials
  • Get the job done fast and collaborate seamlessly with other professionals working other tasks in the process
  • Produce mind-blowing pro-level video and bring your epic artistic visions to life on the screen
  • Not just customizable plugins - create your own incredible FX from scratch
  • Top-end professional tools to create your own original visual worlds
  • The highest level of visual processing and FX power

VEGAS Pro Fast. Flexible. Innovative.

Creatives work faster than with any other professional video production software in VEGAS Pro, with a fully customizable, intuitive interface, efficient hardware acceleration, nested timelines, and powerful editing tools. The audio tools in VEGAS Pro give you a full digital audio workstation right on your project timeline with no need to go to outside software or switch views. For fast, efficient workflows, VEGAS Pro is your best choice.

Video editing with VEGAS Pro

VEGAS Pro packs in the features, with over 30 several new features inspired directly by you, the users, and your valuable input and feedback. Some of the incredible, robust new features include:

Nested timelines

Work on segments of your long-form project separately and bring them together on the main timeline for incredible organization and efficiency of your project.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Utilize AI-assisted editing to accomplish demanding tasks efficiently. For instance, use tools like "VEGAS Style Transfer" to apply the style of famous artists, such as Picasso and van Gogh, to your edits.

Pro-level color grading tools all in one panel

Streamline your color correction and color grading workflows in a unified window which brings all of your most important color tools into one central control center, all HDR ready.

Place the color grading panel wherever it works best for your workflow and benefit from the even more intuitive interface. 

HDR editing

Now with HLG support use a beginning-to-end workflow including HDR preview and delivery to work in the latest ACES 1.1 color space. Take advantage of a complete HDR workflow with HDR-compatible video scopes to guide you.

Optical Flow technology

For incredibly smooth slow motion, this technology analyzes your footage and creates intermediary frames for glass-smooth video slo-mo.

GPU-accelerated decoding for AVC and HEVC

GPU-accelerated decoding for AVC and HEVC

Timeline playback is smoother and quicker, while even complex projects renders faster than ever.

Planar Motion Tracking

Track the motion of objects as they move across your live video area, even as they change shape and perspective, and then apply the same motion tracking to other videos, text, and so on so that they move along with the originally tracked object.

Mesh Warp distortion

Use simple or complex mesh structures to distort your video for interesting effects, comic relief, and other unique and creative treatment.

VEGAS Pro works with you and your unique style as a creative partner. You work your way – whatever your way is!

VEGAS Effects The Ultimate VFX Playground

Take advantage of the industry’s most extensive VFX toolkit with over 800 powerful video effects and filters to customize, tweak, combine, pull apart, and put back together. The integration between VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Effects allows you to achieve incredible visual results, faster! With some of the industry’s leading creative features like unparalleled animation tools, coupled with super-fast performance, VEGAS Effects provides a true alternative to achieve your visual ambitions with stunning results.

Unleash your creativity with VEGAS Effects

VEGAS Effects puts these powerhouse features at your fingertips, and much, much more:

Particle generators

Particle generators

Conjure crazy weather or raise whole cities from the ground up. Unleash swarms of creatures or blanket your world in smoke. Wrap your particle clouds around 2D and 3D shapes.

3D model rendering

3D model rendering

Create realistic animations with 3D models complete with lights, shadows, reflections, and virtual cameras, bolstered by physically based lighting. Combine them with other 2D and 3D elements in a unified 3D space.

Text and Titling

Text and Titling

Add pro-level text to your compositions, with 3D geometric effects like extrude, bevel, and rotate, all with lights, shadows, and environment maps –  for complex, sophisticated titles worthy of your project. And now you can add as many customizable colored outlines to your titles as you like.

Behavior Effects

Behavior Effects

Set your creative gears in motion with Behavior Effects. Create eye-popping and complex motion interactions between layers easily with Rotate By Layer. Engineer complex effects sequences like solar systems or animated clocks by setting one layer to rotate based on a multiplier of another layer’s rotation.

Firefighter running through the fire Firefighter running through the fire

Fire and lightning generators

Generate realistic fire and lightning effects and enhance them with heat distortion and post-processed lighting effects.

Vikinger holds axe and shield Vikinger holds axe and shield

Green screen removal

More than just a simple chromakey, green screen removal combines next-level spill suppression, matte cleaning, and auto-light-wrap capabilities with sophisticated 2D and 3D layering.

Soldier shoots with a gun Soldier shoots with a gun

Muzzle Flash generator

Escape the limits of pre-rendered stock muzzle flashes – generate an endless variety of flashes from pistols to miniguns and rotate them 3D space for realistic flashes from any angle.

Man standing in a dark tunnel Man standing in a dark tunnel

Video repair

Footage you thought was unsalvageable just might be saved with Video Repair. Stabilize shaky footage. Denoise grainy shots. Take out fisheye lens distortion. Fix the jello-vision from rolling shutters.

Work in a lightning-fast, GPU-accelerated environment with fast playback and an efficient workflow, with threaded rendering of portions of your project in the background while you keep working on the rest of the project. Set up multiple renders then walk away with the export queue. All with support for 8K and cutting-edge formats, so you can work with video from cellphone cameras to top-end video cameras.

VEGAS Image The Powerful Toolkit For Image Compositing

Create pro-level composites with unlimited layers, automatic keying and zero baked-in changes. VEGAS Image is the first photo editing software to keep your image data RAW and your layers self-contained. No more switching between different software!

Create and enhance with VEGAS Image

The huge image-enhancement toolkit of VEGAS Image includes these features and much more:

Built-in keying

Use automatic chromakey to remove green screens and other backgrounds without spending hours erasing fine elements, while the luminance key removes black backgrounds from stock footage fire! Take advantage of powerful spill suppression, edge softening, and light wrapping for seamless, convincing keys, even from footage you thought was unusable.

Woman holds a lantern Woman holds a lantern

Dozens of powerful image filters and effects

With 38 powerful filters, you have all you need to create the perfect mood. You can dehaze images, punch up their vibrance, change individual colors, pop up detail in shadows and highlights, and more.

Dozens of powerful image filters and effects

Spill Suppression

Neutralize and remove unwanted green screen spill and get much more natural, cleaner keys for better compositing. Pull great keys from footage you didn’t think was useable.

Spill Suppression

LUT support

Import your color grading settings as a LUT that you created in VEGAS Pro or anywhere else for easy application to layers and files in your project, or use them in other projects!

Man standing on a rooftop

Flexible layer access and adjustment

All layers are live and accessible at all times, so you can adjust them at will and not disturb any other layers. Nothing is ever set in stone, so it's no problem to fix hidden mistakes or satisfy later inspiration. Apply new elements directly to any selected layer with the Insert Objects menu.

Cameraman filming a scene

SOUND FORGE Professional audio editing & mastering

SOUND FORGE is the industry standard for professional audio cleaning, mastering, recording, and editing. Reduce background noise and create crystal-clear audio. Everything seamlessly integrated into VEGAS Pro: Edit an audio event on the timeline in SOUND FORGE and have allchanges automatically applied back to these events in VEGAS Pro.

Stunning Sound for great movies with SOUND FORGE

Your tool of choice for professional audio editing, mastering and restoration.

CLEANING Noise-free video sound

SOUND FORGE includes a comprehensive range of effects for cleaning.

MASTERING The audible difference

Make your audio more clear and present with advanced mastering tools.

RECORDING Capture high quality voiceovers and more

SOUND FORGE allows you to capture up to 64-bit/768 kHz audio for the highest possible quality. Apply effects during recording and monitor it.

AUDIO EDITING Set the tone precisely

In addition to editing and processing audio files, one of the core competencies of SOUND FORGE is sound design. Take advantage of precise editing tools to form your sounds, your way.


VEGAS Effects

  • Over 800 effects, tools & presets
  • Particle generators for magical effects
  • Import/render 3D models
  • Green screen removal with spill suppression & light wrapping
  • 3D text & titling 
  • Behavior effects



  • Professional video sound editing and mastering
  • Removal of background noise
  • Get rid of intermittent clicks and pops
  • Repair digital and analog clipping artifacts
  • Capture high quality voiceovers and more
  • Visual audio editing with WaveColor
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