Efficient solutions for demanding tasks

Whether you need engaging video content, a perfect sounding audio master, or an audio/video broadcast solution, you can trust VEGAS Enterprise and Sequoia – the business solutions for professional audio and video production.
Meet challenges efficiently and with the highest quality. Benefit from over 20 years of experience to tell your story and engage your audience.

Creative Business Solutions

Radio Broadcast

Create the most engaging program for your audience. Import audio from different sources directly. Record, edit and efficiently organize your program material. Stay in control of sound quality and deliver fast.

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Classical Productions

Big ensembles from the first to the final stage: The most reliable recording tool in the largest concert venues worldwide turns multiple sources, channels and takes into coherent performances. Ready for every format, ready to present high-end audio productions to your listeners.

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Music Mastering

Finalize your product as desired by your clients. A transparent signal flow from flexible import into powerful processing back to flawless export is crucial. Relying on accurate playback and visual control you know what to expect: A perfect sounding master.

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Corporate Video Production

Tell your stories and share your message. VEGAS Enterprise brings you complete video production that fits your individual needs. Easily cut your videos, enhance them with effects, audio and titles, and rescue badly recorded footage.

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Business Live Streaming

Create professional broadcast for your business. For instance, stream townhall or investor relations meetings, product demos, and trainings. In addition, invite external partners or guest speaker, add dynamic graphics, and interactive polling results to teams up to date and informed.

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Satisfied professionals working with VEGAS and Sequoia

John Ivar

"I use VEGAS as a tool for effective storytelling in a world where content is everything. Whether it’s about future renewable energy technologies or building smarter and safer transportation systems."

John Ivar
(Content Creator for Smidesang & Lyng)

Steven Epstein

"Over the years, I have made recordings for many labels which have been quite successful. I really do love this program!"

Steven Epstein
(Grammy rewarded Producer)

Jonathan Wyner

"Sequoia is the most comprehensive and complete workstation, period. It excels as it fulfills all of my needs."

Jonathan Wyner
(Mastering Engineer)

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Sequoia 16 just released

Sequoia is the leading software solution for professional audio production. From recording rooms to mastering desks – stability, seamless processing and innovative editing features are key to engineers worldwide. Coming soon, you will go beyond stereo reverb and experience realistic space in 3D Audio, integrate Melodyne even faster into your workflows and use multiple instances of ARA2. Get the best-sounding algorithm for your resampling tasks right now and work even more efficiently with Sequoia’s scalable, flexible network and hardware integration.

Explore the new Sequoia 16

VEGAS for business

VEGAS provides a complete video production solution. Edit your video, add pro-level composites and special effects, edit and master your audio – all within one seamless workflow. Coming soon, you will do live streaming including a post editing workflow and have access to VEGAS Hub. Upload media files directly into this Hub cloud storage and synchronise them to your local drive for editing.

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