The first steps in VEGAS

The following tutorials show you how the userinterface works and how to make adjustments to it. In addition, you can learn more about useful features and can discover more tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Configuring your Visible Button Sets

Learn how to use the new hamburger menu system to gain quick access to the tools you need. Explore ways to change the visible button set to fit your preferred workflow and how to quickly reset the UI to its default settings.

Quick Start

Get a quick overview of the VEGAS UI. Identify the various parts of the interface, learn about window docking behavior, how to scrub audio and video to find an edit point, adjust audio volume, and more.

Smart Split

Cover jump cuts quickly and automatically with the Smart Split operation that gives you great results and full flexibility for fine tuning.

Customizing your Workspace with Window Docking Options

VEGAS enables you to customize the workspace to fit your personal workflow. Learn how to undock and dock windows, create floating docks, create, save, and recall custom layouts, and how to quickly return to the default layout.

Glitch & RGB split distortion

Learn to create glitch & RGB split distortion in VEGAS without using stock footage. The more random you make distortion and color, the more realistic the effect looks.

Titling & Motion Graphics

In this tutorial we'll create sophisticated titling for your videos in VEGAS. Note, this is only an example, so feel free to adjust fonts and colors for the exact look you need.

Explore VEGAS now

VEGAS provides a wide range of media editing and live streaming in seamless workflows. You can rely on industry-leading features, efficient workflows that professionals need to get things done in short period of time.

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