VEGAS Movie Studio 14
VEGAS Movie Studio 14

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Fast, easy movie making

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Fast, easy movie making


Create beautiful memories with
incredible video editing software VEGAS® Movie Studio

You need a creative partner, not just video editing software. With VEGAS® Movie Studio as your collaborator, transform your digital photos and video clips into lasting memories. Easy-to-use editing tools, flashy titles and stunning video effects provide pure inspiration.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - Overview

1. Import

Import video or digital photos from your smart phone, tablet, HDV or AVCHD camera.

2. Edit

Drag and drop your video clips and digital photos right onto the timeline for fast editing.

3. Enhance

Spice up your story with titles, effects, music and scrolling credit rolls.

Dazzling titles and text

Animate your titles with the Titles & Text media generator. Fly your text onto the screen. Make your titles shake, rattle and roll! Call up a Bounce, Flip, Float, Pop or even an Earthquake preset to create eye-catching titles and text.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - titles and text

Go for maximum effect

The built-in audio and video effects offer limitless possibilities. Use these filters and effects to enhance and improve your video and audio clips, or to create something wild and crazy. Ready-made presets make for easy video editing. Or tweak to your heart’s content and build your own presets.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - Go for maximum effect

Music Maker

Music Maker is the perfect tool for creating original music for your movies. Record voice-overs and score the perfect musical soundtrack. Nothing adds emotion to your movie like the right music. Whether you're a musician or not, with Music Maker you can create music like the pros.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - MAGIX Music Maker

Sharing Made Easy

Generate the optimum quality format for your sharing destination. Upload directly to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. Once you decide how you want to share your masterpiece, VEGAS® Movie Studio automates the process.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - Sharing Made Easy

Show Me How

Learn as you go with built-in Show Me How interactive tutorials. Have a question? The Show Me How tutorials teach you all you need to know. Follow the on-screen prompts right in your project for step-by-step guidance, and edit your project while you learn the tools. Tutorials explain important features, windows, and editing tools. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new movie editor, these helpful guides provide easy video editing lessons.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - tutorials


  • Easy video editing
  • Improved, user-friendly interface
  • Video and audio effects

  • Support for High DPI monitors
  • Direct upload to Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Music Maker software
VEGAS Movie Studio 14

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Fast, easy movie making


The VEGAS Movie Studio Family of Products

The VEGAS® Movie Studio family of video editing software offers something for everyone. Easy video editing, impressive audio and video effects, color correction, creative transitions, sophisticated titles and more.

Explore and compare the three versions of the VEGAS® Movie Studio family to find the perfect movie editor for you. 

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