Sequoia is your leading solution for professional audio production

From the recording room to the mastering desk – stability, seamless processing and innovative editing features are key to engineers worldwide. Our partners, which include Europe's most prominent broadcasters, rely on its scalable, flexible network and hardware integration.

What's new in Sequoia 16

It's the details that let you work more efficiently. Sequoia 16 is all about perfecting workflows.
Your business should have the best tools in audio production – welcome to the new Sequoia.

  • High quality resampling: Get the best-sounding algorithm for your resampling tasks right now.
  • 3D Reverb – make room for your sounds: Go beyond stereo reverb and experience realistic space in 3D Audio
  • ARA2 – even more, even better: Integrate Melodyne even faster and use multiple instances of ARA2
  • AAF export improved – transcending platforms: Ensure hassle-free exchange of Ambisonics data with other software
  • Automation Pre-Listening Mode and Automation Shapes: Try different rides before committing and select predefined curves for smooth transitions
  • Monitoring section – switch to surround and back: Create different playback routings and switch back and forth inside the box
  • Independent panning on different buses: Tab through different output choices right next to your pan knobs
  • Hold your cuts together with slip left: Cut out sections at the beginning while still recording and let your objects slip right next to the live take ready for export

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Why audio experts choose Sequoia

Heba Kadry

"Sequoia really changed the way I master, specifically the object editor. It's pretty incredible!"

Heba Kadry
(Mixing and Mastering Engineer)

Steven Epstein

"Over the years, I have made recordings for many labels which have been quite successful. I really do love this program!"

Steven Epstein
(Grammy rewarded Producer)

Jonathan Wyner

"Sequoia is the most comprehensive and complete workstation, period. It excels as it fulfills all of my needs."

Jonathan Wyner
(Mastering Engineer)

Olivier Glissant

"One thing that impresses me about Sequoia is the "complete" character of its design. The software does not specialize; whatever domain you use it for."

Olivier Glissant
(Composer and Conductor)

Oleksa Lozowchuk

"I really couldn’t function at this level without spectral viewing, object based editing, and solid cross-fade workflow. It helps me bring my ideas to life."

Oleksa Lozowchuk
(Music Director and Producer)

Terence Goodchild

"Sequoia not only gives me a digital first aid kit to solve any problem. It provides a modular toolbox with precise instruments, a rock-solid audio engine and great support."

Terence Goodchild
(Live Audio Engineer)


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Your leading software solution for professional audio production.

From the recording room to the mastering desk. Engineers worldwide rely on its stability, seamless processing and innovative editing features every day. Business partners rely on its scalable, flexible network and hardware integration anytime.

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