VEGAS Expansion Packs

We’ve teamed up with the best producers of video plugins, audio plugins, presets and stock footage providers to bring you Expansion Packs for VEGAS.

These work with all versions of VEGAS Pro 19 & 20 and are available as a one off, use for life purchase.

Video plugins

Video plugins

Audio plugins

Audio plugins

Sound effects

Sound effects

Visual assets

Visual assets

Movie Expansion Pack Vol. 1

Create cinematic animations and titles with this collection of professional visual effects plug-ins, filters and action stock footage.

This bundle includes:

  • Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Particles Unit
  • Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Image Restoration Unit
  • Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Film Style Unit

  • ActionVFX Action Pack
  • NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate
  • NewBlue Titler Pro 7

Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Particles Unit

Create realistic looking effects like rain, snow, fire and lightning or generate complex animated particle streams.

Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Image Restoration

Fix flickering footage, reduce noise, and remove damaged pixels. Apply digital makeup and more.

Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Film Style

Create the look of Classic Hollywood films or add film damage, soft glows, and film grain.

NewBlue Titler Pro 7

Deliver compelling 3D animated titles and motion graphics with the Title Designer. Utilize over 700 professional templates and customize them to match your desired look.

Implement project-wide graphics to save time on editing and streamline them across live broadcasting and post editing,

Action VFX Action Pack 2

Exclusive to VEGAS - add realistic action stock footage elements that are also used in Hollywood productions such as Marvel's "Spiderman: Far from Home". This pack contains various footage of explisions, fire, energy FX, smoke and particles.

NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate

Choose from a comprehensive selection of 65 unique, stylized video transitions of 3D, light, color and motion.

Sound Expansion Pack Vol. 1

Enter the world of sound design and create compelling sound effects while mastering your audio mixes with this comprehensive tool kit.

This bundle includes:

  • Zynaptiq Wormhole VE

Zynaptiq Wormhole VE

Wormhole is a comprehensive multi-effects tool for sound designers and film composers. Use the WARP, SHIFT and BLEND controls to create an endless variety of vocal distortions and ambient sounds.

(Only compatible with VEGAS Pro 19 and 20)


Adjust dynamic range for clear and present voiceovers. Use compression and limiting to deliver a broadcast-ready final mix. Add chorus and delays for subtle voiceover enhancement or clever sound design.

coreFX Utility

coreFX Utility

Streamline your editing process with our sleek and modern plug-in that enables essential editing tasks with the ability to automate parameters. Benefit from the massive collection of essential high-quality tools for professional editing.

coreFX 2-Point-Compressor

Compress peaks at various levels to keep loud sections in check & the rest moderately attenuated.

coreFX Compressor

Control dynamics simply and effectively.  Choose from a preset or create a unique sound.

coreFX VolumeFormer

Create rhythmic pulsing and gating effects to build tension in the soundtrack.

coreFX Limiter

Set a maximum output level for an audio signal to reduce peaks and increase loudness.

coreFX Gate

Eliminate background noise such as static and crosstalk for a more focused voiceover.

coreFX Expander

Reduce noise for a balanced and  natural sounding audio mix.

coreFX Delay

coreFX Delay

Use vintage and modern echo devices to simulate natural acoustic spaces or large ambient environments.

coreFX Chorus

coreFX Chorus

Create fuller, warmer voiceover and dialog or add sparkle to music beds.

coreFX Flanger

coreFX Flanger

Mix modulated copies of the audio signal together with the input signal to create metallic sonorous textures.


Use compelling sound coloration like saturation, distortion and bit crushing to enhance instruments and vocals.

colorFX Tape Machine

Amplify selective frequencies in the bass range to create warmth and fine tune individual instruments and vocals.

colorFX Bitcrusher

Reduce resolution and bandwidth of audio with lower bit and sample rates to create distortion ranging from aggressive to bright.

colorFX Tube Distortion

Enhance melodic & percussive instruments, vocals and even noise to add some aggression to your soundtrack.

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Movie Expansion Pack Vol. 1
Movie Expansion Pack Vol. 1
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Sound Expansion Pack Vol. 1
Sound Expansion Pack Vol. 1
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