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VR Studio Online tutorials

What will you learn from the tutorials?

The following video tutorials provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to take 360° videos and photos and how they can be transferred and used in virtual tours with VR Studio. Immerse yourself into virtual reality (VR) created by you!

"Virtual Reality" 101

In this video, learn all the basics of virtual reality. We’ll cover everything you need to know and show you what equipment you’ll need.

360° Shooting

This video tutorial focuses on how to take perfect 360° photos and videos and discusses what to consider when shooting 360° videos with a tripod and how to take 360° camera shots.

The "Stitching" Process

To create virtual worlds from the 360° content in VR Studio, you have to assemble (or “stitch”) the photos and videos together. This video discusses how this can be done with the camera's own software.

Working with VR Studio

Learn how to create virtual realities in VR-Studio by build virtual spaces and connecting them to virtual tours. Enrich your creations by adding other elements such as photos, videos, graphics, sounds and text.

Publish & View

Learn how to publish and present your virtual tours with VR Studio. Whether it’s on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, website or with a VR headset, you’ll discover all the ways you can share and view your projects.

VR Studio
Upgrade: VR Studio
VR Studio

VR Studio Create & publish interactive VR experiences

Upgrade: VR Studio Create & publish interactive VR experiences

VR Studio Create & publish interactive VR experiences

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VR Studio 365

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