VEGAS Production Assistant Pro
VEGAS Production Assistant Pro 64-bit version

Batch Processing

The VEGAS Production Assistant Pro plug-in treats multiple files simultaneously with processes such as playback rate adjustment, image sequence generation, reduce interlace flicker, convert to widescreen, broadcast color correction, and more.

Batch processing is accomplished through an easy to use, three-tab interface – Source Media, Processing, and Target Output.

VEGAS Production Assistant Pro - Batch Processing

Source Media

Select the media you want to process, choose from the media on your VEGAS Pro timeline, or easily browse to add multiple files for batch processing.


Choose the processes you want to apply to your source media and control the order in which they are applied. Have a set of processes you use repeatedly? Save them as a preset for easy recall later.

Target Output

Select the file type and destination folder for your final output. Even batch process to multiple output formats. From broadcast to web, all your familiar VEGAS Pro render templates are available.

Built-in processes

Batch Processes

With hundreds of batch processing combinations now available, you can streamline your editing and delivery workflow. For example, users can now output files for a single master to every social media site, disc, and mobile device in various aspect ratios and bitrates from a single master file.

VEGAS Pro Audio and Video Effects

In addition to creating and using a chain of effects, editors can select any video or audio effect available to VEGAS Pro and have it added or removed during batch processing. This provides users with the ability to apply frequently used audio and video effects to single files or selection of files through batch processing.


This feature enables editors to do things like render with and without a network bug, or render before and after effects or other batch processing is done to make multiple versions of videos.

Add Video Bumpers

Donut files or bumpers (opening/closing video files) may be auto-inserted as a Batch Process; providing editors with an automated workflow ensuring that timestamps, broadcast loops, bars/tone are consistently used for every project.


Choose from 21 built-in video filters, giving your source material the look of popular movies. Looks can be applied to a single track or the master bus.

Image Background/Underlay

Add a background image for situations where your project media doesnt fill the frame, for instance on 4:3 footage in a 16:9 project. Choose from included backgrounds or select your own.

Widescreen Converter

Convert 4:3 content to a widescreen aspect ratio. You can even use the process to reduce interlace flicker and switch content to 30p.

Create Markers

Automatically insert markers into your media based on events, set time intervals, beats or set evenly spaced markers. Works with various marker types including CD Markers, CD Regions, Command Markers, and more.

Broadcast Color Process

Apply automated broadcast color processing presets including correction for tungsten balance, fluorescent lighting, indoor white balance problems and stage lighting issues.

Image Overlay

Apply watermarks, station identifiers, or copyright information to your media over your entire project, at set intervals or a set number of times.

Crop Aspect Ratio

Take a center cut of your footage to match the project settings. Use this feature when you have 16:9 footage in a 4:3 project.

Normalize Audio Events

Raise the volume so that the highest level sample in each audio event reaches a standard level.

Create Image Sequence

Capture stills from your video at set locations or from the entire project. Use this feature for applications that need image sequences or for automatically generating thumbnails for your videos.

Adjust Playback Rate

Speed up or slow down your footage.

Reduce Interlace Flicker

Add to stills or footage with fine lines to reduce the appearance of flicker in your final output.