VEGAS Production Assistant Pro
VEGAS Production Assistant Pro 64-bit version

Workflow Automation Tool

The VEGAS Production Assistant Pro includes a set of workflow automation tools to address common tasks that can eat away at your time. Each can be launched from the VEGAS Production Assistant Pro toolbar and can be applied to your project in just a few clicks.

VEGAS Production Assistant Pro - Workflow Automation


Simply insert subtitles into your VEGAS Pro project with complete control over placement and timing. The VEGAS Production Assistant Pro includes over 50 animated lower thirds that you can use as is or edit to match your project. The tool also works with third-party and your own custom lower thirds.

Check projects

The check process lets you automatically finish your project. Here, the clip's opacity is automatically adjusted and all gaps in transitions are closed. Unused video clips are removed and all proxies replaced with high-resolution material.

Subtitle Adjustment

In addition to creating and using your own lower thirds, the VEGAS Production Assistant Pro offers both customization and saving of existing lower thirds. Optionally, editors can create placeholder Text Events for use with a lower third; ready to be edited and customized for each use scenario.

Template Wizard

The VEGAS Production Assistant Pro can instantly generate templates for common editing processes. In addition to providing project consistency, the Template Creation Assistant also reduces editing errors, provides maximum creative control, and offers better time management.

This Template Creation Assistant enables editors to build rich templates with options like repeating slugs, accommodating both audio and video slugs, closing the gaps or expanding the size to match the media, automatically removing unused slugs, and generating slugs from existing projects.

Annotated Slugs

The VEGAS Production Assistant Pro can permanently embed notes in a slug, informing editors of what processes and/or attributes the slug may contain.

This is very valuable for editing houses where several editors are using the same system or when learning how templates work in specific environments. It’s like having a sticky note on each piece of media!


Auto-trim is the next step in efficient editing.

This feature will automatically trim pre/post roll from each selected event on the VEGAS Pro timeline. A camera may be set up for 5 seconds of pre/post roll.

Global Resampling Control

The Global Resample Attribute will assure that all media is correctly managed while converting 50i/25p to 60i/30p.

This feature is useful if time-warping has been applied to events on the timeline or when using DSLR footage and needing to convert 30fps media to 29.97fps.

Normalize Track

Uniformly increase the amplitude of an audio track so that the resulting peak amplitude is increased up to 0 dB.

Channel Split

Easily split audio channels into individual mono channels.

Reduce Track Gaps

Remove gaps between events on your timeline with a single click.

Simple Ducking

Insert a simple "audio duck" to fade background audio so that another audio track can be heard.

Motion Tool

Automate the motion of clips across the screen complete with motion backgrounds.

Create Crossfades

Automatically insert crossfades of a length you specify between all the media clips on your timeline.

Advanced Ducking

Automatically "ducks" audio based on your edits, allowing your background music to fade in and out around other audio in the project.

Montage Tool

Create photo and video montages with pan and scan, transitions, and more.

Project Archiving

Save everything from your project – media, nested .veg files, lower thirds, etc. – into a directory you specify.