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HitFilm Pro 64-bit version
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Home of Visual Effects & Compositing HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro — the world's fastest growing effects software — now available as a add-on for your VEGAS product.

From powerful 3D modelling and compositing tools and 800+ customizable visual effects & templates to high-quality animations, realistic particle simulations and plug-ins from BorisFX and the Academy Award-winning Mocha plug-in.

The entire world of visual effects at your fingertips — with HitFilm Pro!

Home of Visual Effects & Compositing

Visual effects Academy Award-winning

Experience the industry's most versatile effects package for yourself. All 800+ effects and templates can be broken down into their component parts, customized and put back together exactly how you want. One of a kind.

Particle simulator Idea generator

Clouds of smoke clear to reveal abandoned high-rise buildings. In the streets, there's not a human in sight. Only the creatures have survived... Your movie ideas brought to life exactly how you imagined — with the world-class particle simulator from HitFilm.

Create entire cities, weather scenarios and flowing, abstract shapes in a 3D environment, together with green screen footage and objects from your own 3D video material. The sky is the limit!

Particle simulator Idea generator

3D models

Create 3D models of whatever you want. The objects you create can be animated and recorded using virtual cameras, light, shadows & reflections. And everything is calculated for true-to-life physics and maximum realism.

BorisFX plug-ins

HitFilm Pro includes the 3D object and title studio plug-ins from BorisFX. Grab your audience's attention right from the get-go with spectacular opening credits. Easily create advanced 3D text, professional closing credits and captions.

Special effects

Use HitFilm Pro to create huge, city-engulfing fires. A new series of heat, energy, liquid and smoke distortion effects provide new levels of realism. Use the neon path effect to create neon signs.

Motion graphics Perfectly animated

New! Puppet Tool. The best tool in the world.

Bring images, graphics and text to life. With the new Puppet Tool, you can give motion to raster and vector graphics. It's easy: Use pins to define the areas you want move, the areas you don't want move, and the areas you want to position in the foreground. Playing: it's expressly permitted.

New! Puppet Tool. The best tool in the world.

HitFilms 3D Space

A 2D actor from the green screen in a 3D helicopter. Or 3D models, layers and particle simulations all interacting in the same space. It's all possible in HitFilms 3D Space, with an ultra-realistic look thanks to effects such as motion blur and depth of field and HitFilms integrated cameras.

Planar tracking

There's no better tool for adding objects to existing movie scenes than the Academy Award-winning Mocha plug-in. The combination of simplicity, precision and versatility is beloved by tons of big film makers.

Behavior effects

The power of gravity The new behavior effects let you experience objects in perfect interaction, with spaceships, comets and other free-floating objects rotating and orbiting each other just as they would in space.

Green screen removal

Create extremely realistic compositions thanks to advanced chroma keying, matte cleaning, spill suppression and auto light wrap, combined with complicated 2D and 3D layering.

3D camera projection

Convert normal 2D photos into projected, photo-realistic 3D scenes with camera movements.

Action cam support

HitFilm Pro features one-of-a-kind support for action cam & 360° videos. Apply lens distortions for a special look, or add titles and effects with the greatest of ease.

360° Next generation filmmaking

New! 360° filter + video panel

Enter completely new movie worlds with some of the best visual effects and filters available for 360° video.

Experience the new 360° light sabers & lasers for sci-fi fight scenes from any perspective. Apply crazy 360° distortion effects to normal video footage. Or set the mood with 360° blur effects.

Easily play around to find out which tools and filters work best with your footage thanks to the new before/after view.

New! 360° filter + video panel

Color grading

Spectacular colors

The professional Color Grading Kit in HitFilm Pro is packed with tons of color correction tools, including curves and intuitive color wheels.

From subtle enhancements to dramatic style statements — the effects and presets in HitFilm give your movies that special look. HitFilm Pro supports 8K video editing and 32-bit color spaces.

Color grading


Use vectors, waveforms and histograms for individual layers and take your color correction and grading game to the next level.

Rescue damaged material

Remove undesirable digital flaws from your videos. Take advantage of image stabilization for rolling shutter cameras and handheld footage. And correct distortions in footage shot with fisheye lenses.

Lens Flares 2.0

Mix and match individual lens flares, anamorphic bars, light leaks, sparkling highlights and volumetric 3D light rays and high-quality glow effects for an even more powerful movie experience.


Less waiting, more creating

Enjoy fast playback thanks to 64-bit architecture and GPU acceleration. Proxy support calculates complex footage in the background while you work.

Keeps working, even if you don't

The export queue in HitFilm Pro lets you queue up edits and exports to be performed when you're off doing something else.

Professional formats

HitFilm Pro's 32-bit floating color pipeline, 8K support and RAM preview provide the best possible quality for your projects. Work with footage from smartphones and professional high-end cameras.