VR Studio is the next step for your professional video creativity. Construct breathtaking virtual worlds using 360º videos and photos, and build complete environments. Add words, pictures and videos to them to create revolutionising VR experiences – from virtual tourism to selling real estate. Distribute and upload your VR projects to websites using the WebVR format or view them on any common platform with the free VR-X Player.

Transforming the real world with VR Studio

Product presentation

Products such as real estate property can now be presented in VR so buyers can view inside and outside at any time. Additional video, text and audio can provide all the information buyers need as they look around, room by room, without actually leaving their armchairs.

Virtual visit

With VR tourism, people can 'visit' destinations to experience these magic worlds – try before you fly! VR provides a virtual experience of a resort, hotel or city, with additional audio and video helping to recreate the location's atmosphere and authenticity.


In education, you could e.g. construct exhibitions within a virtual museum by linking rooms to create a walkthrough tour. Then add music, speech or video to explain the background of certain key features, or reveal how an exhibit might have existed in real life.

Begin your journey through the museum in virtual reality:

From video to Virtual Reality

From video to Virtual Reality

1. Create 360° media

Set up your 360º camera or video equipment, create your 360º images and movies, and then stitch the content together. Import your 360° media into VR Studio to create the ultimate VR experience – with just a few clicks.

2. Build professional VR tours

Create virtual worlds and produce an interactive tour within these worlds, and with integrated video stabilization, your videos will always look professional. You simply connect your virtual worlds together and add text, images, music or sound effects to bring them to life.

3. Upload and distribute

You can experience your virtual world anywhere, any time on desktop computers or mobile devices. You can view your VR within any website and browser using WebVR or, with the free VR-X Player, you can enjoy it on any device such as a laptop or VR headset.


What will you learn from the tutorials?

Publish & view your VR tours

VR Studio features

Connect 360° worlds to build VR tours

Create incredible virtual realities with 360º videos and stills – it's like you're right there! Turn 360° photos and videos into interactive presentations within these virtual worlds, create as many virtual worlds as you like and connect them together with ease. You can then jump between your interconnected worlds to maximize your virtual experience – your imagination is the only limit!

VR Studio features

An even more authentic experience. Add video, text and audio

Videos and Images

It's easy to create video and image presentations to breathe life into your virtual worlds. Simply select your movies and photos, place them wherever you want and customize their size and shape to create as many as you like.


Add text to your virtual world to help guide your users around it. Include in-depth explanations or simple labels – it's up to you – you can resize the text and place it anywhere you wish.

Surround sound

Create surround sound by adding music or sound effects to a virtual world for an authentic atmosphere. Any audio can be added to any element or room. You could, for example, have a virtual tour guide explain the history of an exhibit within a virtual museum.

360° image stabilization, a smooth & professional look

With 360º image stabilization, your videos will look smooth with next to no loss in quality.

You'll never have to worry about shaky movies again and you will always have professional results with an ultra-smooth camera action.

VR anywhere, anytime. On Desktop. On Mobile. On Website

Share your virtual worlds and experiences anywhere and with anyone online. WebVR lets you quickly and easily integrate videos of your VR worlds into any website. Create the 'wow factor' on websites so visitors can immerse themselves in new realities.

VR-X Player
The free VR-X Player for Android, iOS and Windows Systems allows you to playback the VR experience you've created on any computer, smartphone or VR headsets. So you can share and present your slideshows at any time and from anywhere.

Highlights of VR Studio

  • Create virtual tours from 360° images and videos
  • Add text, audio, image and video presentations
  • High-Quality Mode for photos above 4k for full quality on all devices
  • Incredible 360º image stabilization
  • Share your new virtual worlds with WebVR
  • Compatible with most VR headsets currently available
  • Guide your audience through your VR world live
VR Studio
Upgrade: VR Studio
VR Studio

VR Studio Create & publish interactive VR experiences

Upgrade: VR Studio Create & publish interactive VR experiences

VR Studio Create & publish interactive VR experiences

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VR Studio 365

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All filming took place at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Photos © Antje Dittmann, Hwa Ja Götz, Carola Radke | MfN