The powerful toolkit for image compositing Create and enhance with VEGAS Image

Create pro-level composites with unlimited layers, automatic keying and zero baked-in changes. VEGAS Image is the first photo editing software to keep your image data RAW and your layers self-contained. No more switching between different software!

Built-in Keying

Place your images in front of a completely new scenery! The keying tools contained in VEGAS Image help replace any background cleanly and precisely – as easy as ABC.

Automatic Chroma Key Automatic Chroma Key

Automatic Chroma Key

Need to remove a green screen or other background? Automatic Chroma Key takes care of it quickly and easily, doing all the hard work for you. Never spend hours erasing fine hairs or other elements again!

Luminance Key Luminance Key

Luminance Key

A powerful, instant tool for removing backgrounds based on luminance – perfect for removing black backgrounds from stock footage fire, where some of the image needs to be semi-transparent.

Light Wrap Light Wrap

Light Wrap

Bend your backgrounds around your keyed elements for an even more seamless integration in your composite effects. Light Wrap creates a very natural keying effect for much more convincing keying.

Spill Suppression Spill Suppression

Spill Suppression

Neutralize and remove unwanted green screen spill and get much more natural, cleaner keys for better compositing. Pull great keys from footage you didn’t think was useable.

Edge Softening Edge Softening

Edge Softening

Take the hard edges off your keyed elements. Combined with Spill Suppression and Light Wrap, get fantastic, natural keys that no one will ever know is really a composite.

Filters & Effects

VEGAS Image includes 38 powerful filters that give you all you need to create the perfect mood for your videos or to rescue images. Easily adjust the color, sharpen details or remove fog.

Dehaze Dehaze


Like a polarizing filter you use in post production, let Dehaze help salvage footage you thought was ruined by mist or fog or other weather effects. Remove or mitigate diffusive elements and get more vivid images.

Vibrance Vibrance


Punch up the vibrance in your image while preserving important elements like skin tones. Use this tool to create vibrant, colorful, energetic images while still keeping the colors you want.

LUT support

LUT support

A real time-saver - import your color grading settings as a LUT from VEGAS Pro for easy application to other files in the project, or use them in other projects!

Color Adjust Color Adjust

Color Adjust

Pinpoint single colors for change or adjust the overall color of any image with Color Adjust. You’re in control. If you want a car to change colors, no problem. The whole image? You got it.

Contrast Contrast


Add depth and detail to your image naturally with these contrast adjustment sliders. Enjoy a level of control which will get you the perfect pop in your image every time.

Sharpen Sharpen


Bring out fine details in your images and give them a distinct pop. Enhance elements like the nap of fabric, the veins in leaves, or the texture of hair with an array of sharpening tools.

Exposure Exposure


Overexposed, blown out highlights are thing of the past with the amazing new Exposure effect. Adjust a simple slider and rescue footage you didn’t think you’d be able to use.

Shadows & Highlights Shadows & Highlights

Shadows & Highlights

Take even greater control over your image’s contrast and exposure with Shadows & Highlights. Enjoy more tools to fix contrast and exposure, or craft custom stylized looks.

Flexible Layers

Access and adjust flexible layers in real-time and as many times as you need, without disturbing anything else in the image. Now hidden mistakes or later strokes of genius won’t cost you time.

Flexible Layers

Flexible Layers

Work on complex images and sequences with confidence using Flexible Layers. Your image layers are live and fully adaptable and can be adjusted independently as many times as you need.  No more undos.

Insert Objects

Insert Objects

Use the Insert Objects menu to search for and choose elements, effects, and masks which you can apply directly to any selected layer. Easily target the component of a complex image that you want to receive the object.

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