Looking for the right video editing program? Want something which helps you improve your video editing skills while you easily bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world? Want to create amazing, inspiring videos which uplift your audience? VEGAS brings a whole new level of creative freedom to video editing and post production, helping you to make not just videos, but memories which last for a lifetime.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional, VEGAS is your best solution for creating your own projects and getting a leg up on the competition. Give it a try!


1. Import

Bring photos and video from your camera, smartphone, or tablet into your project.


 2. Edit

Work fast – drop your video and photos right on the timeline, no waiting.


 3. Enhance

Punch up your story with visual effects and music, and add Hollywood-style titles and credit rolls.


 4. Share

With just a click, let your family and friends watch on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.


Are you an aspiring filmmaker looking to edit video easily but don’t have any prior experience? Or maybe an advanced video hobbyist or even semi-professional videographer aiming for slick, professional results? Or are you someone who just wants to share memories with friends and family in a fun, engaging way, but don’t know where to start?

VEGAS MOVIE STUDIO is designed for anyone who wants to take advantage of the power of video to express themselves or share stories with others. Wedding videos, travel logs, birthdays and holidays, family traditions, vacations, all kinds of home movies – VEGAS Movie Studio is ideal for creating and sharing lasting memories. Want to be a YouTuber or social media influencer? Take advantage of the intuitive workflow and tools and then, with just a few clicks, export and upload the video right from your VEGAS Movie Studio timeline to your social media pages.

Whether you’re just getting started or already experienced, create outstanding videos with confidence. Make movies you’re proud of. Become the director of your own story!

Choose the free trial version to get started or watch the tutorials to find out more.


Making the move into serious filmmaking or professional video? Need the tools, power, and speed necessary to turn your ambitions into reality and ramp up your earning potentialWherever your creativity takes you, we promise, with VEGAS Pro, you’ll get there faster.


VEGAS PRO is designed for those creatives who have high aspirations to take their filmmaking and video production to the next level. Want to make a living creating the best videos possible? Got feature film productions or award-winning documentaries in your sights? Want to excel on the film festival circuit and sell your work to the big guys? Looking to create awe-inspiring stunt or sport videos? Reaching for truly astonishing, creative, cinematic experiences? Then you want VEGAS Pro.

Create breathtaking professional video which makes a lasting impression on your audience. Become a true creator. Become an inspiration.

Join us free for 30 days, download our manual or watch the tutorials to find out more.


If you’re a pro-level user looking for a powerful, complete package for video and audio post-production, look no further. VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Effects, and VEGAS Image combine to make VEGAS POST!


VEGAS POST is designed for top-end video editing and post production aimed at the highest levels. It sets a new standard for professional-level post production and finishing for feature films, television shows, and commercials. Set yourself apart and build your reputation in a world where high-end post production, compositing, and VFX rule. Get the job done fast and collaborate seamlessly with other professionals working other tasks in the process.

Produce mind-blowing pro-level video and bring your epic artistic visions to life on the screen. Make it simple or make it complex. Either way, make it memorable.

See it for yourself free for 30 days to find out more.

VEGAS Movie Studio 17
VEGAS Movie Studio 17
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Fast, easy movie making VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Fast, easy movie making

Beginners & Advanced

Movie making. Powerful and easy. Makes getting you started in video editing easier and more fun than ever. Create complete videos with little or no experience or use advanced tools when you're ready to get seriously creative.

Save 33%
Save $350
VEGAS Pro 18
Upgrade: VEGAS Pro 18
VEGAS Pro 18
VEGAS Pro 18 Manage your media and your edit with VEGAS Pro 18 Upgrade: VEGAS Pro 18 Manage your media and your edit with VEGAS Pro 18 VEGAS Pro 18 Manage your media and your edit with VEGAS Pro 18
$399.00 Regularly $599.00
Valid until March 10, 2021
$249.00 Regularly $599.00
Valid until March 2, 2021
  • Only now for free in this offer:
  • ✔ Boris FX Sapphire 2020 Render Unit ($295 value)
  • ✔ wizardFX Suite ($39.99 value)

Advanced & Professionals

The fastest NLE for passionate creatives. Combines the industry-leading video and audio editing tools with the fastest editing environment of any NLE. Our users will tell you it just feels so much faster and frees you to focus on your creativity instead of on your tools.

Save $650
Upgrade: VEGAS POST Suite
VEGAS POST Suite Video editing & post production in one suite Upgrade: VEGAS POST Suite Video editing & post production in one suite VEGAS POST Suite Video editing & post production in one suite
$349.00 Regularly $999.00
Valid until March 2, 2021


Unified video editing & post production. Enjoy a powerful, complete solution for video and audio post production. Combines all the video-editing power of VEGAS Pro with the VFX and compositing tools in VEGAS Effects and the image processing prowess of VEGAS Image.


James Stamoulaktatos | Engagement Producer, The Weather Network

James Stamoulaktatos | Engagement Producer, The Weather Network

"VEGAS Pro has always been my go-to editing software and in TV speed is super important. VEGAS Pro 17 continues to bring what I need to succeed: Speed and dependable performance."

Jamie Oxenham | Independent Filmmaker, Editor, Prop designer

Jamie Oxenham | Independent Filmmaker, Editor, Prop designer

"The solid integration of FX Home's compositing tools added to VEGAS POST is something that dreams are made of! The interface is SO clean in both pieces of software, and everything is intuitively found where I think it should be. Combining VEGAS Pro 17's amazing editing capabilities, and staggering selection of audio and video plug-ins, with a very serious piece of compositing software, has been an amazing feat."

Ted Perlman | Grammy-winning Producer, Songwriter, Musician and Arranger

Ted Perlman | Grammy-winning Producer, Songwriter, Musician and Arranger

"I know MAGIX has put a lot of time and effort into making VEGAS Pro the premiere video editing software anywhere. From what I’ve seen so far, you’ve accomplished that goal and more. My favorite feature of this new VEGAS Pro 17 is its sheer user friendliness. You don’t have to be a professional film editor to enjoy working with it. It’s so well thought out that a pro and semi- professional will smile and do great work. Bravo!"

Nerdsworth | Artist, Influencer, YouTuber

Nerdsworth | Artist, Influencer, YouTuber

"In the early 2000's I started out using VEGAS Pro to make anime music videos, VEGAS has always been the most efficient. Since that start, I've taken on media projects of all scale, from film editing to sound design; from motion graphics to visual effects. To this day, it remains my content creator tool of choice."

Alex Chaloff | Director of Bucket's Moving Company

Alex Chaloff | Director of Bucket's Moving Company

"VEGAS POST has significantly streamlined my workflow.  From keying, to advanced color correction, to complex titling and more, VEGAS POST puts so many tools I regularly use into the same ecosystem."

Dato Aliff Alex | Videographer, YouTuber

Dato Aliff Alex | Videographer, YouTuber

"I like how the new unified coloring workflow in VEGAS Pro 17 lets me color correct everything in one effects chain without adding multiple effects like Brightness & contrast, Color Corrector, Color Curves & White Balances. Coloring in VEGAS Pro is now much better then ever before."

Choosing the Right Vegas For You

Understand which of our VEGAS options fits your level of video creation.


TELL YOUR STORY Every great video begins with a story...

MOVIE STUDIO:  Easily bring your video, audio, and other media together and arrange them into a fun, compelling story that you can share with your family and friends.

VEGAS PRO: Use high-end features and the fastest cutting tool around to bring the story to life for your business or your clients with the highest professional quality.

VEGAS POST: VEGAS POST: With stunning video editing and post-production power, shape your story with limitless creative freedom.


VIDEO EDITING Work smarter, not harder.

MOVIE STUDIO: Easily and quickly create amazing video edits with the same types of powerful tools that the pros use, like video stabilization, motion tracking, and powerful color correction tools.

VEGAS PRO: A straightforward, no-nonsense approach to video editing at the top end with powerful tools that help you get the job done quickly and effectively.

VEGAS POST: Powerful video-editing tools and everything you need to take your post-production compositing, video FX and more to the highest level.


COLOR GRADING Express your cinematic flair.

MOVIE STUDIO: Tools just like those the pros use give your videos that finished touch or special color look.

VEGAS PRO: Logical, powerful HDR-compatible color-grading tools supply everything you need to create the perfect color match or signature look in a straight-forward workflow that enables you to work fast.

VEGAS POST: Unsurpassed video effects tools create endless possibilities for grading your video for special effect, color correction, or look creation.


VISUAL EFFECTS Unleash your creativity.

MOVIE STUDIO: Tons of special-effects filters and transitions give you the power to get as creative as you want to be.

VEGAS PRO: Scores of built-in video effects, compositing tools, transitions, and editing techniques along with full support for your favorite OpenFX plugins smash any limits to your creativity.

VEGAS POST: Absolute unbridled creativity with the highest-level video effects, particle generation, complete compositing freedom, and tight integration.


AUDIO EDITING Set the tone.

MOVIE STUDIO: A movie is nothing without great audio, so use the impressive audio tools to record, edit, and mix the highest-quality audio for your videos.

VEGAS PRO: Complete digital audio workstation tools to record, edit, mix, and automate your project's audio in a completely natural and smooth workflow.

VEGAS POST: All of the audio power you need to match your project audio quality to the high standards of your video, effects, and compositing. 


FINAL DELIVERY Know your audience, Deliver for your audience!

MOVIE STUDIO: Easily deliver your finished video any way you want to including directly to your YouTube channel to share it quickly with your family and friends.

VEGAS PRO: Deliver your project in all of the important major formats including hardware-accelerated rendering of AVC and HEVC files to slash your delivery time.

VEGAS POST: Deliver directly to final file formats or to efficient editing formats for further editing in your NLE.



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