Merge Multiple Videos Together in 4 Steps

Ever have two (or more) video clips you wish you could combine into a single video, so you can treat them as a single video in editing, or to share with other people? Relax, it’s really very simple. In VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio, it’s a quick and easy four-step process:

We’ll follow these steps:

Step 1: Import Your Videos

Step 2: Drag Videos to the Timeline

Step 3: Align Videos

Step 4: Render Video

Read on as we take you through the steps, explaining the process in detail along the way!


Combining two different videos into a single video is simple and straightforward. The process works best with videos of the same format, resolution, and frame rate, but you can combine any two (or more) videos.  You may notice a difference in quality between the different videos in the final combined video, though.

Let’s look at the steps in depth. These steps describe combining only two videos, but you can combine as many videos as you want.  Just continue adding video as we describe it below!

Step 1: Import your videos

Step 1: Import your videos

✓ First, import the videos you want to combine.  In VEGAS Pro, go to File>Import>Media. In the Import Media window, navigate to the folder which contains the video files you want to combine. Click on the first video to select it.  CTRL-Click on the second video to select both. Click Open.

If the files you want are in different folders, import the first file, then follow the same steps to import the second.

✓ In VEGAS Movie Studio, go to Project>Add Media, and the Add Media window opens. Follow the same process as with VEGAS Pro above.

After you’ve clicked Open in either program, the file or files appear in the Project Media window.

Step 2: Drag Videos to the Timeline

Step 2: Drag Videos to the Timeline

Next, we’ll add the videos to the timeline. 

 Drag the first video directly to the timeline. In VEGAS Pro, a new video and audio track will be created. In VEGAS Movie Studio, pre-selected tracks already exist, so drag the video to the Video track.  In both cases, a pop-box will ask if you want to make the project settings match the video propertiesClick Yes.

✓ Now, drag the next video to the same video track.  Both videos now appear on the same track as events.

Step 3: Align Videos

Step 3: Align Videos

 Trim the events if you want to. Once you’ve trimmed, drag the second video event so the beginning touches the end of the first event

✓ If you prefer to have a transition between the two instead a hard jump, drag the second event’s beginning into the first event’s ending to create an overlap between the clips.

VEGAS creates a crossfade between the clips automatically. If you want a different transition, such as an animated transition, drag the transition you want from the Transitions window and drop it into the crossfade between the events.

Step 4: Render Video Step 4: Render Video

Step 4: Render Video (VEGAS Pro)

Now we can make the two videos into a single video.

✓ In VEGAS Pro, click Render As in the toolbar.  In VEGAS Movie Studio, click Make Movie in the toolbar. 

✓ In VEGAS Pro, the Render As window appears.

 Choose the format for the final video from the Formats list. It’s best to choose the same format as the videos, if possible. Then choose the template which matches the original videos from the Templates list. 

 Click Browse. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the new video. Type in a file name. Click Save. You’re now returned to the Render As window. 

 Click Render. VEGAS Pro renders the video and saves it to your destination folder.

Step 4: Render Video (VEGAS Movie Studio)

In VEGAS Movie Studio, the Make Movie window appears.

✓ Choose Save It To My Hard Drive. In the next window, type a file name into the Give Your Movie A Name box. Next, choose the format which matches the original videos. For MP4 video, you can choose MP4 or AVCHD. If you plan to stream the new video without doing any more editing with it, choose MP4.  If you plan to use the new video in an editing project, choose AVCHD.

✓ Click Next. VEGAS Movie Studio now renders the new video and it will appear in the location you chose. 

In VEGAS Movie Studio, you can also follow a process more like that in VEGAS Pro, allowing you to specify the exact format and template for your render. 

✓ In the Make Movie – Save to Hard Drive window, click Advanced Options. The Render As window appears, much like the window in VEGAS Pro. Follow the same steps as in VEGAS Pro above.

Whichever way you do it, you now have a single, combined video, which can use in editing projects, share with others, or upload for streaming!

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