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Have you been inspired to start making your own videos to share your ideas and passions with friends, family, and the world? Looking for software which will help you get started and grow with you as you develop your skills? Need something simple and intuitive to get you off the ground and sharing your video creations in no time? VEGAS Movie Studio brings a whole new level of intuitive, simple workflow, with powerful tools and a path from just beginning all the way to sophisticated video making. VEGAS Movie Studio makes video editing easy, dynamic, and fun!


1. Import

Bring all your video and photos from your camera, tablet, or smartphone into your project.  Don’t worry; VEGAS Movie Studio will help!


 2. Edit

Let the Guided Video Creator take you through all the steps of editing.  Or use a storyboard to arrange your videos and photos like pictures in an album.  Once you’re comfortable, take complete control on the video timeline while you master the perfect edit.


 3. Enhance

Fix color, add titles and music, work with green screen, add amazing visual and sound effects.  Make your video into something your audience will remember with dozens of FX tools, all at your fingertips.


 4. Share

Let family, friends, and the whole word watch your latest creation with just a click.  Share Online lets you export directly to your Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo account. 

Know Our Beginners Software


Are you an aspiring filmmaker looking to edit video easily but don’t have any prior experience? Or maybe an advanced video hobbyist or even semi-professional videographer aiming for slick, professional results? Or are you someone who just wants to share memories with friends and family in a fun, engaging way, but don’t know where to start?

VEGAS MOVIE STUDIO is designed for anyone who wants to take advantage of the power of video to express themselves or share stories with others. Wedding videos, travel logs, birthdays and holidays, family traditions, vacations, all kinds of home movies – VEGAS Movie Studio is ideal for creating and sharing lasting memories. Want to be a YouTuber or social media influencer? Take advantage of the intuitive workflow and tools and then, with just a few clicks, export and upload the video right from your VEGAS Movie Studio timeline to your social media pages.

Whether you’re just getting started or already experienced, create outstanding videos with confidence. Make movies you’re proud of. Become the director of your own story!

Choose the free trial version to get started or watch the tutorials to find out more.

Different demands. Different versions.

VEGAS Movie Studio

Highlights of VEGAS Movie Studio:

  • Specialized video editing modes for any level of experience
  • Customizable user interface
  • Full GPU acceleration for faster rendering and smoother video preview
  • Unique, interactive storyboard editing
  • Included for free: MAGIX Music Maker – create your own soundtracks

VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum

Everything in VEGAS Movie Studio, plus:

  • Precise motion tracking
  • Draw flexible Bézier masks and apply effects on them
  • Built-in Slow Motion FX plug-in
  • One-touch video stabilization
  • Lens Correction plug-in
  • Screen capture from monitors, webcams, and audio devices
  • Support for 4K and common video formats

VEGAS Movie Studio Suite

Everything in VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum, plus FXhome Ignite Advanced VFX Pack which includes:

  • Edit: Beautify – for the perfect skin
  • VFX: Damage – create a long-lost video look
  • VFX: Retro – the sci-fi look for your movies
  • Color: Starter – find the perfect mood for every scene
  • 3D: gunfire pack – add ultimate action to your movies

VEGAS Movie Studio 17
VEGAS Movie Studio 17
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Fast, easy movie making VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Fast, easy movie making
Save 12%
Save $129
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum
Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum For advanced video editing Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum For advanced video editing VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum For advanced video editing
$69.99 Regularly $79.99
Valid until March 10, 2021
  • 12% discount
  • Only now for free in this offer:
  • ✔ NEW! NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Express ($99 value)
$49.99 Regularly $79.99
Valid until March 2, 2021
  • $30 discount
  • Only now for free in this offer:
  • ✔ NEW! NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Express ($99 value)
Save $138
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite
Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite The complete package for video editing Upgrade: VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite The complete package for video editing VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite The complete package for video editing
$79.99 Regularly $119.00
Valid until March 2, 2021
  • $39 discount
  • Only now for free in this offer:
  • ✔ NEW! NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Express ($99 value)

Beginners & Advanced

Movie making. Powerful and easy. Makes getting you started in video editing easier and more fun than ever. Create complete videos with little or no experience or use advanced tools when you're ready to get seriously creative.

Don't take our word for it

Alex Halford | YouTuber

Alex Halford | YouTuber

"Complex editing is simple to do with VEGAS Movie Studio's easy-to-use interface. Every single feature is right at your fingertips – whether you need to cut, time, animate or color grade, VEGAS Movie Studio 17 has it all."

Adam Morrell | YouTuber, Videographer (Tech Dive Productions)

Adam Morrell | YouTuber, Videographer (Tech Dive Productions)

"In all honesty, I am still able to produce 90% of my professional projects in VEGAS Movie Studio with no compromise. If VEGAS Pro is a lion, Movie Studio is a cougar at the price of a housecat."

Steve Grisetti | Videographer, Instructor, Co-founder of

Steve Grisetti | Videographer, Instructor, Co-founder of

"VEGAS Movie Studio offers a professional editing experience with tools not normally found on a consumer level product like multicamera editing, advanced color grading, track compositing and an expandable library of exciting effects and transitions. There is no better, feature-packed, affordable editing tool available."

Choosing the Right VEGAS For Beginners

Understand which of our VEGAS options is just right if you’re starting out.


TELL YOUR STORY Every great video begins with a story...

MOVIE STUDIO: Easily bring your video, audio, and other media together and arrange them into a fun, compelling story that you can share with your family and friends.

  • Guided Video Creator: import, edit, add enhancements, and export, all from a single window, with VEGAS Movie Studio guiding you the whole way. Take full control whenever you’re ready.
  • Storyboard: lay out and rearrange your video and images like photos in an album. When you’re ready, go to the timeline for complete editing control.


VIDEO EDITING Work smarter, not harder.

MOVIE STUDIO: Easily and quickly create amazing video edits with the same types of powerful tools that the pros use, like video stabilization, motion tracking, and powerful color correction tools.

  • Easy Editing Modes: instantly switch between specialized layouts for adding media, creating titles, adding effects, transitions, and music, and export.
  • Intuitive Timeline: work your own way with a timeline and tools which feel natural and speedy.


COLOR GRADING Express your cinematic flair.

MOVIE STUDIO: Tools just like those the pros use give your videos that finished touch or special color look.

  • Auto Looks: enjoy a large set of automatic presets to give you the kinds of popular looks seen in movies and TV shows.
  • Color Curves: adjust exposure, shadows, and highlights for exactly the right amount of contrast.
  • Saturation Adjust: make your colors pop, or desaturate for a washed out look or even black and white. 


VISUAL EFFECTS Unleash your creativity.

MOVIE STUDIO: Tons of special-effects filters and transitions give you the power to get as creative as you want to be.

  • Effects Filters: play with color looks, add blurs and convolutions, cut out sections of your images, add borders, make animated picture-in-picture effects, and so much more!
  • 3D Animated Transitions: choose from a collection of animated 3D transitions to give your videos extra pop.
  • Chromakey: remove green screen backgrounds to put your subjects in whole new worlds. 


AUDIO EDITING Set the tone.

MOVIE STUDIO: A movie is nothing without great audio, so use the impressive audio tools to record, edit, and mix the highest-quality audio for your videos.

  • Multitrack Audio Environment: record and edit audio in a multitrack environment with professional metering and more.
  • Audio Effects: choose from a library of more than a dozen customizable effects to give your audio the perfect sheen or amazing customized sound.


FINAL DELIVERY Know your audience, Deliver for your audience!

MOVIE STUDIO: Easily deliver your finished video any way you want to including directly to your YouTube channel to share it quickly with your family and friends.

  • Share Online: Automatically render and upload to your YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook account with a few clicks.
  • Save to Your Computer: choose from the most-used video formats to create video files for sharing with others or to upload yourself.


Still not Sure Which Beginners Program is Right for You?

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For New & Advanced Video Editors

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