For New & Advanced Video Editors

✔ Make the right choices according to your unique needs.

✔ Detailed tutorials, informative tips & tricks related to video editing, filming, and more.

✔ Perfect your video editing skills at any experience level.

Choosing Your Software

There are plenty of free and paid video editors on the market, how to choose the right video editor based on your needs? Check our guides and choose the right editor for your video.

Video Editing Workflow

Check the basic video editing workflow to edit faster and save time, and advanced editing techniques if you want to make video easily like a pro.

Post-Production Techniques

Master important key elements of post-production before releasing your video online while experiencing a powerful alternative for video editing & post-production in a seamless workflow.

Special Effects

Learn how to add visual effects to the footage to correct problems, enhance mood, create tension, and add all kinds of “movie magic.”

Color Grading & Correction

Understand the differences between color correction and color grading, and some typical best practices for both.

Enhance Video Quality & Performance

Unlock the secrets of enhancing video editing performance with informative tips & tricks.

Online Tutorials

Wherever you are on your journey into video production, we’ve got you covered. Find helpful online tutorials that make getting started with VEGAS Pro a breeze. Simply select the product and learn everything you need to know about basic controls and individual features.

We hope you have lots of fun watching, learning and working with VEGAS Pro software.