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To stay at the cutting edge of high-end video, professionals look to software solutions which offer them speed, efficiency, and the power they need to elevate their creativity to new heightsVEGAS POST offers the fastest, most intuitive workflows of any professional editing and post-production software suite, letting film and TV pros work their own way. Leverage a vast array of incredible features. Don’t get bogged down worrying about your tools. Instead, concentrate on bringing your artistic visions to life.  Put your creative energy into your work, instead of thinking about how to do it. With the editing power of VEGAS PRO and the astounding visual effects tools in VEGAS Effects and VEGAS Image, you have everything you need to tell your epic stories and inspire your audience, free of limitations!

Make Your Cuts

1. Make Your Cuts

Edit your video to perfection with VEGAS Pro.  Use Storyboards to lay out a rough cut like it’s a photo album.  Preview your sequence right from the Project Media window.  Then use our GPU-accelerated, incredibly fast and intuitive timeline to finish.  Work your way.

Correct and Enhance

2. Correct and Enhance

Leverage world-class image stabilization to make shaky footage glass smooth.  Take advantage of the powerful Unified Color Grading panel to put a perfect finish on your visuals.  Isolate, track, and add FX to objects in your image with the Motion Tracking tools.

Add Hollywood-Level VFX

3. Add Hollywood-Level VFX

Unleash the power of VEGAS Effects and VEGAS Image for astonishing visual effects, incredibly real compositing, mind-blowing particle generation, and virtually limitless visual creation.  Lift up your artistic vision -- you can realize it in the integrated environment of VEGAS POST.

Amazing Sound

4. Amazing Sound

With all the tools of a full-fledged world-class digital audio workstation, record multitrack audio, apply and edit effects on clips, tracks, or buses, and customize to your satisfaction.  Create an astounding and immersive stereo mix without ever leaving the VEGAS PRO timeline.

Know Our Post-Production Software


If you’re a pro-level user looking for a powerful, complete package for video and audio post-production, look no further. VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Effects, and VEGAS Image combine to make VEGAS POST!


VEGAS POST is designed for top-end video editing and post production aimed at the highest levels. It sets a new standard for professional-level post production and finishing for feature films, television shows, and commercials. Set yourself apart and build your reputation in a world where high-end post production, compositing, and VFX rule. Get the job done fast and collaborate seamlessly with other professionals working other tasks in the process.

Produce mind-blowing pro-level video and bring your epic artistic visions to life on the screen. Make it simple or make it complex. Either way, make it memorable.

See it for yourself free for 30 days to find out more.



  • Industry-leading hardware acceleration
  • NEW! AI-driven tools
  • Sophisticated color grading options
  • Industry-leading HDR support
  • NEW! Powerful plug-in management
  • NEW! Powerful audio editing & mastering with SOUND FORGE Pro 14
  • NEW! Video noise reduction tool
  • NEW! Flicker filter

VEGAS Effects

  • Over 800 effects and filters
  • Particle generators for magical effects
  • 3D model rendering
  • Green Screen removal
  • NEW! Auto Stabilizer
  • NEW! Motion track effect


  • Built-in keying tools like Chroma Key
  • Professional Compositing tools
  • Dozens of powerful image filters and effects
  • Flexible layer access and adjustment
  • NEW! Brush masks and effects
  • NEW! RAW Denoise

Upgrade: VEGAS POST Suite
VEGAS POST Suite Video editing & post production in one suite Upgrade: VEGAS POST Suite Video editing & post production in one suite
Save C$600
VEGAS POST Suite Video editing & post production in one suite
C$749.00 Regularly C$1,349.00
Valid until January 26, 2021
VEGAS POST Suite 365
VEGAS POST Suite 365
VEGAS POST Suite 365
VEGAS POST Suite 365 VEGAS POST Suite 12 month subscription
Save 25%
VEGAS POST Suite 365 VEGAS POST Suite 12 month subscription VEGAS POST Suite 365 VEGAS POST Suite 1 month subscription
C$30.75/month Regularly C$40.99/month
Valid until January 20, 2021
  • 25% discount
  • Available now on special offer: get your first 12 months for only C$369 instead of C$491.88.
  • Starting the 13th month, pay only C$491.88/12 months.


Unified video editing & post production. Enjoy a powerful, complete solution for video and audio post production. Combines all the video-editing power of VEGAS Pro with the VFX and compositing tools in VEGAS Effects and the image processing prowess of VEGAS Image.


Jamie Oxenham | Independent Filmmaker, Editor, Prop designer

Jamie Oxenham | Independent Filmmaker, Editor, Prop designer

"The solid integration of FX Home's compositing tools added to VEGAS POST is something that dreams are made of! The interface is SO clean in both pieces of software, and everything is intuitively found where I think it should be. Combining VEGAS Pro 17's amazing editing capabilities, and staggering selection of audio and video plug-ins, with a very serious piece of compositing software, has been an amazing feat."

Alex Chaloff | Director of Bucket's Moving Company

Alex Chaloff | Director of Bucket's Moving Company

"VEGAS POST has significantly streamlined my workflow.  From keying, to advanced color correction, to complex titling and more, VEGAS POST puts so many tools I regularly use into the same ecosystem."

Josh Crahen | Scrapyard Films

Josh Crahen | Scrapyard Films

"I never knew how much I needed VEGAS POST until I got my hands on it! VEGAS EFFECTS let me easily create beautiful visual effects that that you would see in any of the latest superhero movies. VEGAS IMAGE makes it simple for me to create posters, cover art, thumbnails and more without hassle. VEGAS Pro added so many new features that professionals needed and it now rivals the top editors! VEGAS POST is truly the ultimate package that I use every single day and don't know how it can get any better than this!"

Choosing the Right VEGAS Post-Production Software For You

Understand how our video editing and post-production option fits your level of video creation.


TELL YOUR STORY Every great video begins with a story...

VEGAS POST: Use the fastest cutting tools around, and stunning video editing and post-production power, to shape your story with no limits on your creative freedom. 

  • Storyboards: lay out your video and images like photos in an album, rearranging them at will. Go to the timeline for complete control when you’re ready.
  • Unlimited Video and Audio Tracks: use as many as or as few tracks as you need and organize them your way. Mix and match any kind of files onto the same video track.
  • Over 800 Video Effects and Filters: set your creativity run wild with an incredible array of fully customizable, top-quality effects, correction tools, and presets. 
  • 3D Text and Titling: design blockbuster-worthy text and titles with lights, shadows, and environmental mapping.


VIDEO EDITING Work smarter, not harder.

VEGAS POST: Powerful video editing tools and everything you need to take your post-production compositing, video FX, and more to the highest level.

  • Multiple Nested Timelines: focus on editing individual scenes, then bring them all together seamlessly on a master timeline. Great for team workflow!
  • Fully GPU Accelerated: with support for all three major manufacturers, leverage the power of your system’s GPU for smooth playback and the fastest editing environment around.
  • 360° Video Editing: create stunning environments or immersive tours with a fully integrated 360° editing workflow.
  • 8K Support: GPU acceleration and RAM preview lets you work with super-high resolutions.
  • Thread Rendering: render portions of your project in the background while you work for an uninterrupted workflow.


COLOR GRADING Express your cinematic flair.

VEGAS POST: Logical, powerful HDR-compatible color grading tools supply everything you need to create the perfect color match or signature look in a straightforward, fast workflow.

  • Unified Color Grading Panel: your most important color grading tools collected in a single window for unmatched color correction and grading speed and power.
  • HDR Workflow: take full advantage of high dynamic range footage and work with the amazing exposure and color detail found in the HDR environment. 
  • Video Preview and Scopes: be absolutely sure of your accuracy with fully HDR-ready video scopes and HDR previews. 
  • LUT Import and Export: import camera LUTs or looks from other applications and export your own LUTs for use in your VEGAS projects or in other software.
  • High-End Pipeline: enjoy support for 8K video and 32-bit floating point color.


VISUAL EFFECTS Unleash your creativity.

VEGAS POST: Absolute unbridled creativity with the highest-level video effects, particle generation, complete compositing freedom, and tight integration between applications.

  • Mesh Warp: map video onto objects in other video clips, even in distorted shapes and contours.
  • Planar Motion Tracking: pin images or FX to moving objects even as they change shape in 3D space.
  • Optical-Flow Slow Motion: create the smoothest slow motion ever, even with low-frame rate footage like 24 fps.
  • Particle Generators: Conjure crazy weather, raise or destroy whole cities, unleash swarms, blanket your world in fog or smoke.
  • Fire and Lighting Generators: create realistic fire or lightning complete with heat distortion and environmental lighting effects. 
  • 3D Model Rendering: import 3D models and create realistic animations with lighting and shadows, reflections, and virtual cameras.
  • Incredible Chromakey: don’t just key; take advantage of spill suppression and light wrapping for even more seamless compositing. 


AUDIO EDITING Set the tone.

VEGAS POST: Complete digital audio workstation tools to record, edit, mix, and automate your projects in a completely natural and smooth workflow.

  • Complete Multitrack Audio Environment: record and automate audio in a multitrack environment with input buses, professional metering, punch-in recording, and more.
  • Extensive Audio Effects: apply more than 40 built-in effects to individual objects, events on a track, and buses.
  • Multicam Audio Synchronization: automatically synchronize footage using audio waveforms for fast, easy editing of footage from multiple cameras.


FINAL DELIVERY Know your audience, Deliver for your audience!

VEGAS POST: Deliver your project in all of the important major formats with hardware-accelerated rendering of AVC and HEVC to slash your delivery time.

  • Codec Presets: choose from many templates for the most-used formats and customize them to fit your needs.
  • GPU Accelerated Rendering: cut your render times by as much as half with GPU accelerated rendering of AVC and HEVC formats.
  • Share Online: automatically render and upload to your YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook account with just a few clicks.
  • Export Queue: set up a list of shots to render and then go on about your day.



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