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When navigating the world of professional video editing software, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed.  All pro software comes with a large set of features, tons of pros, and of course some cons.  We’re here to help guide you between two of the best – VEGAS Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.  We’ll compare features and take an honest look at the pros and cons of both.
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VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro Key Features Comparison Table

Here’s a quick look at the features of VEGAS Pro software and Premiere Pro software side-by side:



Color Grading

Visual Effects





Minimum System Requirements

VEGAS Pro Adobe Premiere Pro
One-Time Fee and Subscription Options Subscription Only
Intuitive, logical, and easy to learn Steeper Learning Curve
Extensive Hardware Decoding with support for AMD, Intel, and Nvidia Effects Accleration only
Yes No
Yes Nested Sequences
Interactive Non-interactive
Multiple monitors and audio sources No
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Color Grading
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Visual Effects
Planar, adjusts to changing shapes, pin objects, 3D tracking Single shape only, can't automatically pin objects, 2D only
Yes No
Yes No
Yes Yes
Yes Through plugins
Yes Through plugins
Yes Yes
Yes No
Yes No
Yes Yes
Yes No
Yes Yes
Yes In CC Suite
Yes No
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes No 
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
No Yes
Minimum System Requirements
Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit v. 1803; macOS v10.14
6th-Generaion Core i5 or AMD equivlanet or better.  2.5 Ghz 4 Core Minimum 6th-Generaion Core i5 or AMD equivalent or better
8 GB, 16 GB recommended; 32 GB for 4K 8 GB, 16 GB recommended; 32 GB for 4K
1.5 GB 8 GB for installation; additional high-speed drive for media
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP 1 (included)
For registration / activation For registration / activation


What Are the Most Important Aspects When Comparing VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro?

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the features from the table and see how they really compare between
VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro.


These days, the options for software include not only outright purchase prices (known as perpetual licenses), but many programs are available at a low monthly or annual subscription fee.

Purchase Option vs. Subscription

A flat purchase price will be a lot more than a monthly fee at first, but monthly fees may add up to the purchase price. (Annual subscription fees may work out to a lower price than monthly payments.) Also, with a flat fee, the software is yours to keep and you don’t lose it as you would if you stop your subscription. But subscriptions also allow you to access software you other otherwise might not be able to afford, or allow you to use software temporarily for a project.

A subscription plan also often means that you get an update to new versions and features for no extra charge, whereas you’ll usually pay extra if you upgrade your perpetual license to the next version.

VEGAS Pro can be yours forever for a one-time price of [$599], or it’s available for a monthly subscription fee of $19.99. The Premiere Pro price is by subscription only at a monthly fee of $20.99.

Summary: VEGAS pro gives you both option so you can decide which fits your needs best, whereas Premiere Pro is only available in subscription model.


These features are about the editing experience, and how fast, easy, and intuitive it is to work within a program. A great editing app is easy to work with and lets you focus on your creativity rather than your tools. The last thing you want is a program which makes things harder than they should be.

Workflow/Ease of Use

The way you work in any app.  Does the workflow help with productivity, or does it hinder you by making things more difficult or slower than it should be?

VEGAS Pro is designed to be intuitive, to work the way the user wants to work rather than locking the user into a way of working. VEGAS Pro gives you many different ways to accomplish most tasks, so whatever you prefer, you can do it. 

Premiere Pro dates back to the oldest days of computer editing, so it was initially designed to mimic how video editors worked on analog equipment.  It made sense at the time, because editors wanted and needed the workflow they were used to when they made the transition to digital editing. These days, some of the built-in functions of that style can affect workflow efficiency and learning curve.


A pro editor needs a flexible and quick timeline, that will take any file format, can be arranged however the editor wants, will play back video smoothly without many dropped frames, and won’t bog down the editor with difficult-to-use tools or unnecessary steps.

Designed for speed and flexibility, the VEGAS Pro timeline enables the editor to work the way they want. The editor can arrange and rearrange tracks at will – video and audio tracks are not in separate sections – and mix and match file formats on the same tracks. Simple touches like automatic crossfades on overlapping video make defining transitions almost instant, instead of having to pull the “handles” common in other editing apps – though now in VEGAS Pro 18, trim handles are available under event hamburger menus if you prefer that style of editing. While the Premiere Pro timeline is drag-and-drop, its design is most efficient when using the two-point and three-point editing common to the earliest computer editing apps. It’s a style of editing which promotes efficient thinking and planning. Premiere separates video and audio tracks, which influences the effectiveness when editing process of a complex project. Transitions in Premiere Pro are managed the traditional way, with handles.

GPU Acceleration

Editing apps leverage the power of your computer’s graphics card to take care of some of the video processing, like effects rendering, freeing up the CPU to perform other tasks, resulting in a faster, smoother editing experience.

VEGAS Pro 18 now offers automatic GPU configuration and a GPU driver update utility for even easier GPU acceleration support. 
Premiere Pro
 employs hardware acceleration for effects rendering but doesn’t employ hardware decoding of AVC or HEVC. 


One of the first steps in the editing process involves figuring out a rough cut. Storyboards make this a lot easier by letting the editor select, arrange, and experiment with the order of clips in the project’s media pool just like arranging photos on a desk.  It’s a quick and intuitive way to make an initial rough cut before ever going to the timeline.

Useful Tips: Storyboard Creation – Craft Your Vision Like the Pros

The storyboards in VEGAS Pro are quick and easy and allow for a playback preview of a sequence right from the media pool without having to go to the timeline. 

The main project storyboard also appears and updates immediately on the timeline, so you don’t have to drag the storyboard sequence onto the timeline. VEGAS Pro also updates the timeline every time you change the storyboard, and uniquely, updates the storyboard ever time you change the timeline, or any time you choose to do so manually. Storyboards in Premiere Pro work much the same way, but do not let you preview the sequence from the media pool, and don’t update on the timeline automatically; you must drag every storyboard sequence to the timeline manually.

Media Management

Keeping your media assets organized is a huge part of an efficient editing workflow.

In a future free update, VEGAS Pro 18 will include VEGAS Hub, a cloud service. Upload video media from your mobile device to your personal, secure cloud location for backup and collaboration. Access these files directly from the VEGAS Pro Hub Explorer, create a structured media library based on your criteria and add searchable tags to media files.

Premiere Pro’s Media Browser lets you keep your media organized according to file characteristics including metadata, mark clips for use, and more.

Summary:  VEGAS Pro timeline enables the editor to arrange and rearrange tracks at will – video and audio tracks are not in separate sections. VEGAS Pro also leverages the GPU to decode AVC and HEVC video for real-time playback. This Playback preview can be accessed quickly from media pool – and storyboards appears and updates right away on timeline. 


The ability to correct and grade color is one of the fundamental functions of editing.  Even a “black and white” project requires adjustments and creative use of contrast and light and dark. You want an editing app which gives you superb control over the color and lightness and darkness of your images.

Color Grading Panel

A great editing app gives you an array of tools to control your color and puts all of your most important tools all in one place, making color correction and color grading the most efficient and effective it can be.

VEGAS Pro offers the unified Color Grading panel, which gives you curves, contrast, exposure, color sliders, color wheels, the ability to import LUTs, and many other tools right at your fingertips in a single panel, which is now dockable in VEGAS Pro 18 for even more interface customization capability. When used with the enhanced adjustable Vectorscope Skin Tone line, the new logarithmic exposure control which emulates camera exposure, and the improved two-way auto-contrast tool, the Color Grading panel in VEGAS Pro 18 offers an incredibly powerful color correction and color grading workflow. Premiere Pro offers the Lumetri Color panel, a powerful set of tools for grading that boasts even more features than the VEGAS Pro Color Grading panel.

Useful Tips: A Guide to Color Grading Your Video With the Powerful Unified Color Workflow

HDR Support

These days, the top-line footage leverages High Dynamic Range (HDR). You want an editor which supports HDR to keep you on the cutting edge of the video world.

VEGAS Pro supports HDR10 and HLG HDR formats in the Rec. 2020 color space, and lets you check your accuracy with HDR-ready video scopes

VEGAS Pro 18 also offers GPU acceleration for HDR presets. 
Premiere Pro
 supports HDR10 and the Rec. 2020 color space and uses HDR-ready scopes.

Color Management

Color management is a system which is designed to help your color workflow from beginning to end.  It includes encoding specs, screen specs, metadata, and other definitions vital to a consistent color workflow.

VEGAS Pro utilizes the ACES 1.1 environment, which is the Academy Color Encoding Systems standard developed by the MPAA, which was designed to be the industry standard. Premiere Pro uses Display Color Management, a non-ACES environment.

LUT Support

Look-Up Tables (LUTs) assist in color work by applying specific color characteristics to footage. Color correction and color grading looks can be stored as LUTs and shared between users of cameras, monitors, editing apps, and other software, for consistent color looks, often necessary with LOG or other video formats.

VEGAS Pro supports import and export of LUTs in .cube format, so you can import and share color looks with industry-standard equipment and software. 

Premiere Pro also supports import and export of LUTs in .cube format.

Summary: VEGAS Pro offers the Unified Color Grading Panel; all the tools you need to color grade professionally.
VEGAS Pro also works in ACES 1.1 environment, which is an industry standard.


Modern productions require a robust set of tools to produce video effects, not just for scenes like space battles or superheroes in flight, but for all the image-sweetening you never even notice.  Look for an NLE which gives you incredible VFX capability without ever leaving the timeline.

Motion Tracking

The ability to track objects in a moving image opens up a world of possibility, from adding correction or effects to a single object in an image, to pinning other objects to points in video and having them move along with the video without manual keyframes or adjustments.

VEGAS Pro offers Planar Motion Tracking, which automatically adjusts the shape of masks as objects in the image change shape, such as the changing perspective of a building as the camera moves past it. 

It also lets you pin to objects in video even when perspective changes, so you can place a poster on a wall of that building and the poster will change perspective to match the changing perspective of the wall. Premiere Pro lets you apply effects masks which follow objects in your video, but it doesn’t let you pin objects automatically, and does not account for perspective changes.

Useful Tips: Video Stabilization and Motion-Tracking Workflows to Boost Your Videos

Slow Motion

Slow motion is a bedrock effect for adding drama, tension, or excitement to a scene. Some of the best slo-mo effects allow the ramping of speed down and up for spectacular temporal transitions.

VEGAS Pro offers velocity envelopes for ramping speed up and down, and also Optical Flow Slow Motion, ideal for truly cinematic slow motion. The frame rate of cinema, usually 24 fps, doesn’t work well when slowed down, because there aren’t enough frames per second for optimal smoothness. Optical Flow Slow motion analyzes the footage and creates the frames needed for smoothness. Premiere Pro gives you the ability to ramp footage up and down, but doesn’t employ frame interpolation for slower frame rates.

Useful Tips: Video Effects Every Editor Should Know: Add Essential Effects to Your Videos

Mesh Warp Tool

Killer video composites often require mapping an image onto another to make them appear as one. For example, you might want to add a custom moving ticker to a building marquee. A mesh warp tool lets you do just that.

With the Mesh Warp Tool in VEGAS Pro, you can not only map objects, you can correct all kinds of different distortions in your video – or create distortions for fantastical effects.  With Premiere Pro, you’ll have to go to outside software to achieve the same effects.

Useful Tips: Video Transitions: The Essentials and When to Use Them

Chroma Key

One of the most time-honored VFX techniques around, Chroma Key lets you remove a solid-colored background and replace it with whatever you want, letting you put your actors on other planets or devise epic space battles, or combine with CGI to create a virtual set.

VEGAS Pro comes equipped with a Chroma Key plugin which lets you remove any color background.

Premiere Pro comes equipped with Ultra Key, an advanced Chroma Key tool.

Useful Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Chroma Key and Green Screen

Artificial Intelligence

Cutting edge software takes advantage of advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). For improved effects and even asset management, the integration of AI means a faster, more powerful, smoother workflow.

VEGAS Pro 18 integrates the new Deep Learning modules to enhance its powerful new visual effects.  Use Colorization to bring new life to black and white, archival, or other monochrome footage, and apply filters in styles like Picasso or Van Gogh with the new Style Transfer FXPremiere Pro leverages AI for its Auto Reframe and color matching effects.

Summary: For motion tracking, VEGAS Pro offers Planar Motion Tracking, which also adjusts the shape of masks as perspective changes. When it comes to slow motion, VEGAS Pro presents Optical Flow Slow that employs frame interpolation,
ensuring optimal picture smoothness.


They say sound is 70% of what you see.  Great visuals not only need great sound, if you don’t have great sound, your video won’t be great.  You need good audio tools to give you the sound your visuals deserve.

Complete Multitrack Editing Environment

A full Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) gives you everything you need for producing polished, professional sound. Most video editing apps have basic audio editing tools, but for full-featured audio editing, they require you to work in a separate app.

VEGAS Pro has all the tools of a full DAW.  Record and automate audio in a multitrack environment with input buses, professional metering, punch-in recording, and more.  Premiere Pro offers multitrack audio tools and metering, but sends you elsewhere for the full DAW environment.

Extensive Audio Effects

You need a full set of effects tools for a robust sound track.

Both VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro give you a wide variety of audio effects. From equalizers to compressors to noise gates and more, a solid collection of audio effects will let you sweeten and perfect your sound.

Audio Buses

Assign audio tracks to buses and then adjust them all at once by applying effects or change the volume.

VEGAS Pro gives you up to 32 auxiliary audio buses, input buses, and effects buses.

Assign tracks in any combination and even assign buses inside other buses.

Premiere Pro lets you assign tracks to submixes, but does not offer true buses.


VEGAS Pro 18 now includes SOUND FORGE Pro 14an extremely powerful, feature packed audio editing program, integrated with the VEGAS Pro timeline.  You will not find a more powerful toolset for audio editing than in VEGAS PRO 18 combined with SOUND FORGE Pro 14. Premiere Pro integrates with Adobe Audition within the Adobe CC suite but does not include it when used as a single app.

Summary: Not only for video editing, VEGAS Pro is packed also with a full DAW capabilities, and combined with
SOUND FORGE Pro 14, gives you the most powerful audio editing tools in any NLE.


Today’s video demands a wide variety of export format options, and the ability to render your projects quickly.

Wide Format Support

Delivery of video these days can be in a number of different formats. Some of the most common are AVCHD, MP4, H.264, and HEVC. A robust editing app gives you the choices you need to deliver the formats clients and platforms require.

Both VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro offer export to a wide variety of formats, with customizable templates for any use. Premiere Pro also offers exports to Apple ProRes and Avid DNXHD.

Useful Tips: Best Video Formats: Choosing What's Best for You

Batch Rendering

Letting the computer do the work helps tremendously with productivity. Batch rendering allows you to export multiple files without having to manually start each one.

VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro both offer batch rendering. Just set up the batch render and walk away.

GPU Acceleration

Export and rendering take time, especially from complex projects. If you can leverage your graphics card to help carry some of the load, so much the better.

VEGAS Pro offers GPU acceleration for encoding into AVC and HEVC formats, cutting render times up to half – now including GPU acceleration for HDR presets in VEGAS Pro 18.

Premiere Pro leverages the graphics card to render effects, but the actual video encoding is done only by the CPU.

Share Online

Today’s video delivery world involves streaming video on popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo and on social media like Facebook. Each platform has specific format and upload requirements.

Instead of forcing you to manually export to platform requirements and then manually upload the file, both VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro make it much easier to cut through all the red tape, exporting your project straight from the timeline to the correct format for each platform, and then automatically uploading the video to your account.

Summary: VEGAS Pro effectively employs GPU acceleration for encoding, slash the render times up to half!

Conclusion - Which Software is Right for You?

With everything above in mind, here are a few thoughts on the pros and cons of
VEGAS Pro and Premiere Pro, and who we’d recommend each for.

VEGAS Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro - Pros and Cons



✓ Intuitive timeline
✓ Faster editing
✓ GPU decoding for more real-time playback
✓ ACES 1.1 environment
✓ Extensive native VFX
✓ Full digital audio workstation
✓ GPU encoding for faster renders
x Non-traditional
x Doesn't integrate with Adobe apps
x Windows-only

VEGAS Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro - Recommended For

VEGAS Pro is recommended for:

Adobe Premiere Pro is recommended for:

VEGAS Pro is recommended for:
✓ People making the jump up to pro software
✓ Small and large video production companies
✓ Editors who work on the fly
✓ Post-production professionals
✓ Independent feature-film producers
✓ People needing an all-in-one solution
✓ Audio editors
Adobe Premiere Pro is recommended for:
✓ People who need to work in the Adobe environment
✓ People who work primarily with ProRes or DNxHD
✓ Multi-platform users (Windows & Mac)

We believe VEGAS Pro is an excellent
Premiere Pro alternative

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