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VEGAS Pro 365
VEGAS Pro 365
VEGAS Pro 365 12 month plan for the complete video and audio editing package, including expert training
Save $49
VEGAS Pro 365 3 month plan for the complete video and audio editing package, including expert training
$16.67/month Regularly $19.92/month
Valid until December 26, 2018
  • Included as part of this offer:
  • OBEDIA ($39 value)

The future of video editing. At your fingertips. Video editing with the new VEGAS Pro 365

Start your video production journey with VEGAS Pro 365: the low-cost subscription plan for VEGAS Pro. Discover all the same features that VEGAS Pro is known for, plus additional premium software packages like Ignite 360 Toolkit. Get all the latest updates, upgrades, new features, and plugins. VEGAS Pro 365 is a post-production powerhouse.

The 365 Service Advantage

VEGAS Pro 365

VEGAS Pro 365

3 month plan 12 month plan
1 2
($19.99 / month)
($16.67 / month)

Exclusive plug-in in VEGAS Pro 365

Ignite 360 Toolkit

Be part of the new VR revolution and add professional 360° filters and VFX to your 360° footage. Bring your videos up to a new level by applying stunning effects such as Blur, Fisheye, and Bulge. Use the versatile range of visual effects to recreate shots from acclaimed movie sequences with animated lasers, lightswords, and neon sign graphics that interact with surrounding elements. There are no limits on your creativity.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

For high-quality sound: SOUND FORGE Audio Studio offers extensive functionalities for video sound optimization – regardless of the resolution. Remixing technology eliminates the need for time-consuming degrading processes during rendering. And you can also record your own podcasts, digitize records, master music and produce new loops for the DAW.

Accelerate your learning curve. Online training lessons exclusively for VEGAS Pro 365.

Take advantage of VEGAS Pro 365 and enjoy exclusive online training units to help you make the most of this incredible software. You'll learn valuable insider tips and techniques for using VEGAS Pro 365. The online training Webinar will be conducted in English.

Subscribe for 3 months and get 1 online course
Subscribe for 12 months and enjoy 2 online courses


Can I use the software offline?

Yes, the software can be used offline for the duration of your subscription. An internet connection is only required to register your software, check for new updates, and validate the program once a month.

What happens to my projects?

Even if you end or suspend your subscription, your projects are yours to keep forever. That means if you need to work on your project after your subscription has expired, you can renew your subscription and open the project again to continue editing. You will also be able to open the project created in VEGAS Pro 365 in the perpetual version of VEGAS Pro as long as the perpetual version is equal to or later than the version it was created in.

How do I get my online training?

You will receive an invitation for the training via email a few days before the scheduled event.

How do update installations work?

You will be alerted when an update is available. Updates are not automatic, so you are free to choose when to install the update.

Will the plug-ins also stay up to date?

All plug-ins will be available for the duration of the subscription. With every new version of VEGAS Pro, the latest version of the plug-ins are included.


  • Price advantage: A subscription starts at just $16.67/month
  • Exclusive online training sessions
  • Always stay up to date with the latest updates, upgrades, patches, and new features
  • NEW: Advanced motion tracking
  • NEW: World-class video stabilization
  • NEW: Ignite 360 Toolkit
  • NEW: 360° editing support
  • NEW: Interaction between storyboards & timelines
  • NEW: Bézier masking OFX plug-in
  • NEW: Extensive backup file options
  • NEW: High-quality MAGIX eFX audio plug-ins

Don't take our word for it

"VEGAS Pro 15 is easily one of the best upgrades VEGAS has had in years. The Crop and PiP plugins are extremely helpful, I love the hamburger buttons, we use the "selectively paste event attributes" feature all the time, and most of all the option of a dark UI. I can't wait to check out all of the new features in version 16!"

"Built-in motion tracking AND 360 video editing is what I've been waiting for! My two BIG wants have arrived in the new VEGAS Pro 16. So excited!"

"VEGAS Pro is my main piece of software. Having the capability to edit video in musical beats and bars is one of the main reasons I use VEGAS on every single project I do."

"VEGAS PRO 16 takes a leap of improvement, it's fast, intuitive, I certainly enjoy editing in this software like the first day in a professional way. The new image stabilization is incredible, it is a big step for this new version of VEGAS PRO 16"

Greg Keast | The Art of the Cut

Greg Keast | The Art of the Cut

"I was just watching a video showing the top 10 video effects in Adobe Premiere and the whole time I was thinking to myself VEGAS Pro 16 can do all that and even more."

"VEGAS Pro is a video editing software I often recommend to anybody who is looking for an easy-to-use, yet very functional editor. VEGAS Pro provides everything you need in a clean and modern package."

"Simple,Fast & Intuitive – VEGAS Pro is one of the best editing softwares out there in the market."

What the press has to say

Editors Choice

Editors Choice

01/10/2016 - "A sophisticated editing solution used by many professional film makers and video editors."

28/08/2017 - "In short, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether or not you’re editing as efficiently as possible, VEGAS Pro 15 might be the tool you check out to confirm that suspicion."

20/02/2018 - "[...] With an overhauled user interface and numerous modern features that serious video editors expect. The result is one of the best semi-pro video editing applications."

06/08/2018 - "VEGAS Pro 15 provides complete, modern editing tools in a lean, logical interface to help you realize your highest creativity."

Included free as part of this offer

OBEDIA Support Voucher

OBEDIA Support Voucher ($39/C$59 value)

With OBEDIA you have a professional audio technician and personal tutor available at a moment's notice, day or night, ready and willing to solve any problem. And you can speak directly to a knowledgeable audio expert either by phone or even remote desktop.


  • Live One-On-One Tutorials with a Pro
  • Personalized Support Service via Remote Desktop
  • Trusted Resource for Audio Industry
  • Work Around Your Schedule
  • All Major Products and Platforms
  • Any Skill Level from Beginner to Pro

With the coupon, you subscribe to a trial subscription that includes 20 free minutes, which you can use towards your first training session. Following this trial month period, the subscription will automatically be extended for a fee in respect of the OBEDIA conditions. However, you can cancel the subscription for free at any time within the first 30 days.

Available only while supplies last

VEGAS Pro 365
VEGAS Pro 365
VEGAS Pro 365 12 month plan for the complete video and audio editing package, including expert training
Save $49
VEGAS Pro 365 3 month plan for the complete video and audio editing package, including expert training
$16.67/month Regularly $19.92/month
Valid until December 26, 2018
  • Included as part of this offer:
  • OBEDIA ($39 value)