Begin your journey into virtual experiences

Be part of the virtual revolution with VR Studio 365. Create virtual experiences with 360º videos and photos. Add words, pictures and videos to create interactive virtual worlds. Let users immerse themselves in it anytime, anywhere. And for a low monthly fee enjoy free, in-depth VR tutorials to create stunning virtual walkthroughs.

How virtual tours are transforming the real world

How virtual tours are transforming the real world

The next step in video creation

VR Studio is an easy-to-use desktop solution to create virtual experiences from 360º media. Add music, images, sound effects and videos to build interactive tours. Upload them to any website using WebVR, or use the free VR-X Player to watch them on any common platform.

Discover the potential of virtual walkthroughs

Get viewers in the mood for vacation with the sights and sounds of a destination on a virtual visit. Create a property tour which potential buyers can experience from the comfort of their armchair. Or build a virtual tour of a museum where people can see exhibits come to life.

Accelerate your learning curve Online training lessons exclusively for VR Studio 365

Take advantage of VR Studio 365 and enjoy exclusive online training units to help you make the most of this incredible software. You'll learn all of the insider tips and tricks for using VR Studio. The online training Webinar will be conducted in English.

Subscribe for 3 months and get 1 online course

Subscribe for 12 months and enjoy 2 online courses

The VR Studio 365 service advantage

VR Studio 2

VR Studio 365

3 month plan 12 month plan
1 2
$41.97 (C$17.99 / month) $131.88 (C$13.99 / month)

VR Studio 365 FAQ

Can I use the software offline?

Yes, the software can be used offline for the duration of your subscription. An internet connection is only required to check for new updates as well as to validate the program once a month.

What happens to my projects?

Even if you end or suspend your subscription, your projects are yours to keep forever. That means if you need to work on your project after your subscription has expired, you can renew your subscription and open the project again to continue editing. You will also be able to open the project created in VR Studio 365 in the perpetual version of VR Studio as long as the perpetual version is equal to or later than the version it was created in.

How do I get my online training?

You will receive an invitation for the training via email a few days before the session dates have been set.

How do update installations work?

You will be alerted when an update is available. Updates are not automatic, so you are free to choose when to install the update.

Will the plug-ins also stay up to date?

All plug-ins will be available for the duration of the subscription. With every new version of VR Studio, the latest version of the plug-ins are included.

Highlights VR Studio 365

  • Price advantage: A subscription starts at just C$13.99/month
  • Exclusive user online training sessions
  • Always stay up to date with the latest updates, upgrades, patches and new features
  • Build and connect virtual worlds from 360º images and videos

  • Almost 10 times faster loading projects
  • HQ-mode for images on mobile devices
  • A more professional looks thanks to transitions
  • Optimized user navigation through tour
  • 360° image stabilization & video trimmer

VR Studio 2
Upgrade: VR Studio 2
VR Studio 2

VR Studio 2 Create interactive virtual experiences

Upgrade: VR Studio 2 Create interactive virtual experiences

VR Studio 2 Create interactive virtual experiences

VR Studio 365
VR Studio 365

VR Studio 365 VR Studio 12 month subscription

VR Studio 365 VR Studio 3 month subscription